Really quick randomness

Guys. ^^This is my life summed up in one photo: bad lighting, late nights, baby carriers, and borderline content two-month-olds.

Ah. Working at home has been SO MUCH FUN (despite my first package getting lost in the mail thanks to the USPS.) The only plus about losing that very important package was that I had a delightful conversation with "Bill". I'm now one of those crazy mother's so starved for adult interaction, that I count it exciting when I get to talk to another human...even if it's a United States Postal Service Representative. *facepalm*

Aidan put school on hold in order to work more. It's been wonderful having him home more often, and Ella is so tickled that daddy is here during the day sometimes (they have hilarious "conversations" together!) She's still a grump though, don't let her fool you!

Ah, yes. Baby Ella. She is quite interactive now and I can hear her shrieks all the way from another room! She loves to listen to music and thinks it's hilarious when I "dance" along. She giggled for the first time in her sleep (while nursing) and it was probably the most heart-melting moment I've ever witnessed in my entire life! *sobs uncontrollably*

And well. I've been messing around with graphics again, and I forgot how much I love it. I especially love creating little buttons to go with my FB promo posts for my new biz. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Well, I'm starving and my baby is asleep...so I'm going to take advantage of this moment and eat something. Sorry for the randomness.

~ Bethany


  1. Love all your randomness about life. Don't stop sharing! You have a big heart and a great attitude.

  2. Aha!! I was impressed that your company had such cool graphics...shoulda known you were making them. 😂

    Your Ella is so cute! The first giggle is SO priceless❤️ (I almost cried, too!)

  3. I love your pictures of sweet little Ella! She is the CUTEST baby!!!!! Please gives her kisses for me. :) Thank you for sharing. I hope you keep posting. I like reading your posts. :)



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