Happy Pinwheel Mat

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've been a bit behind on sharing my creations, and by "a bit" I mean like a year. I started this baby quilt almost a year ago from $0.40 scraps at Walmart and I'm PROUD to say I actually finished it instead of leaving so-said scraps piled in the sewing bag. ;)

This is actually what saved my sanity that last month of pregnancy, as I decided to hand quilt the entire thing (you might recall my tale of woe since I couldn't WALK.) I was too lazy to buy more fabric, so I decided to just call it a play mat (since it's a little too small to be anything else!)

Oh my heart! She's so tiny in this picture! 
You can find the tutorial I loosely used herebut honestly, I mostly made up my own gig, which resulted in pinwheels that we're facing the wrong way or significantly too small or too big. Oops.
I'm afraid my cutting out method was slightly off, so some of the squares are crooked and the binding is lopsided. But if you squint, it's kinda cute!

I can still remember those long days of misery, quilting from morning until evening and watching Jimmy Fallon and Family Feud to keep me from dying. I told myself that the night I finished it, Ella would make her grand appearance. As far as motivation goes, I think that's what gave me the patience to hand quilt. But it definitely didn't make Ella come any sooner! :)
Safe to say, I'm never going to have that much time to use on QUILTING ever again. So I consider this my once in a lifetime triumph, never to be repeated! 
There is currently a pile of spit up on the mat from an unmentionable baby, due to last night's midnight pizza shenanigans (Ella and I know how to party!) 
My next project is trying my thumbs at some baby moccasins. *oh. boy*


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    1. I thought of you writing this post. I was thinking how you'll probably make a quilt someday because you and Sara are so crafty! :)

    2. Awe! Thanks Bethany. I would.... but I'd have to use a sewing machine because I can't hand sew (except the ocational rip or button) because of my wrists😭

      BTW I found our website address.... lol

    3. Thank you for the link!!! I'm gonna check it out right now. :) and just to clarify, everything was done by machine except for outlining the pinwheels. I have carpal tunnel syndrome that flares up...but it was okay with hand quilting. Which was weird? Haha!

  2. Very pretty! I like it. I've wanted to hand quilt for a while, but never have gotten around to it. I like the colors you chose.

    1. It's kinda relaxing in a weird way. My fingers got pretty sore, tho!

  3. that is soooooo cute! I really love the colors

  4. I love hand-quilting but I switched to machine quilting 'cause there are so many quilts I want to make and so little time. I love your first quilt! And just so you know...there are people who put in wonky blocks and crooked seams in their quilts intentionally because that's what they like! If it's unintentional, then it's called a 'humility' block; called that so we don't get bent out of shape about the mistake because only God is perfect :) Thought you might like this little nugget of info. LOL

    1. Now I don't feel so bad. I'll change my story to how I intentionally made the squares different sizes. Haha. ;)


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