Hello from the Inside

I've  missed you all! In an attempt to start blogging again, I downloaded an app for my phone because let's face it: the only time I can actually do something is when I'm feeding my child. Balancing a laptop AND a baby is precarious, to say the least.

Well, my dears! I made the startling realization that I'm still nineteen, yet I have a baby and a husband...? People keep asking if Ella is my child (also if she's a boy? No, I would not dress my SON in a dress) and I'm always surprised. But I get it guys. I'm just a babe myself. Carry on. 

Also. Since this post is already too random to start being profound: here's a picture from our FOURTH date without a baby. We went to the shooting range in the freezing cold complete with random duck dynasty dude shooting his sniper gun in the south range. Kinda uncomfortable, not gonna lie. Also, before you begin to think of me as the tough wife of a Criminal Justice student, you should know I have great difficulty getting MY GUN out of my HOLSTER, and racking the gun myself is just too much to ask. I discovered that my skills with handguns are LACKING BY FAR, so if a home intruder ever enters our apartment...I'm screwed. 🙈

Ella bug is so big guys. 😭 I swear I blinked, and now she's scooting around in circles and babbling at her toys. We both finally slept through the night last night, which definitely calls for a spontaneous belting of, "Wonder of Wonders, a Miracle." You're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head.

Mom fail moment: three months of wrestling with health insurance and I FINALLY made Ella's first ever appointment...only to be hopelessly late AND I drove to the wrong hospital. We missed her appointment entirely and I cried the entire way home. The things I cry about now are starting to alarm me...

The biz is going swell, and I find I'm most productive while nursing/watching Netflix. There's just something about Criminal Minds that speaks to my productivity. 😂 I am currently husbandless and car-less for most of the day, so I fill the house with my friends from the BAU. Is that weird? Yes. Yes, it is. #ImWeird

Here's to more REAL posts in the future. I promise.
Love you all!


  1. GAHHHH the baby's so cute! I can't wait to snuggle her in a couple days!! I fill my time with the BAU guys ("oh, and gal -- sorry I didn't see you there"). I'm having to limit myself because it's been giving me bad dreams and making me paranoid. :P BUT IT'S SO FASCINATING. I don't normally even like binge-watching Netflix, but this series is addictive.

  2. Congrats on getting your first full nights sleep! It may be hard to see them as a blessing now, but one day you will (I'm sure you already do). BYW huge BAU fan! 13 seasons strong 💪🏼


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