Stop Pining Away at Guys

Girl. I was homeschooled, I was in highschool, and I was pretty homely and shy.
All I needed to do was find the dude of my dreams, get hitched, and stay at home with my cute little ranch of babies.
(Trust me, after birth you'll never be so open to have less than two kids. Hah.)

Don't get me wrong. I *do not* regret getting married young. I *still* adore my husband even though MORNING BREATH is a thing, guys. I hands down love being a mom and staying at home. BUT.
(yes, but)
For all you sheltered, homeschool gals still waiting for Mr. Right:

As girls, marriage is exciting!! We will talk until 5am with our girlfriends about Prince Charming and our pinterest wedding board is to the dot perfect. But frankly, guys don't solve your problems.
I'm gonna say it again, in case your brain didn't quite get all that: guys don't solve your problems.
You probably haven't dated one because you are only going to date seriously with marriage on the horizon. Which is good. There is nothing stupider than dating, so if you're going to go through that emotional turmoil, hopefully it will end in marriage the first time around! But since you probably haven't dated, guys are probably on your list of, "Most Thought About Things This Week."

Do you have siblings? I have eight.
Marriage is kinda like have a sibling in the house.
Dating is kinda like loving this really nice dude who occasionally morphs into a really annoying sibling you punch in the face, and then marriage kinda morphs into a really annoying sibling you punch in the face who is occasionally a really nice dude. 

Now, of course, there's lots of fun PDA (and let's just be honest, because you probably haven't dated PDA is on your mind. Trust me, I was there), and there's nothing so great in life as living with your best friend and messing up life together while you try to adult.

But if you're lonely, move in with your best girlfriend and adult together by splitting rent or something. Be an entrepreneur. Travel the world. Write about world problems.
JUST SOMETHING besides pining away for your someday wedding.

Most girls get married. Your guy will come. It will be bliss and then it will be another chapter in life with ups and downs and crying in the shower. And I know (I KNOW!) how frustrating it is when people say, "Enjoy the single years," and dismiss all your hurt and disappointment about feeling left out without someone to love. That's human.
But seriously.
Enjoy the single years. And somewhere in there you'll accidentally bump into the right guy (who will probably look nothing like you imagined him to be.)

Moral of the post: don't chase after dudes and go do something productive.
Also, there's a lot of morons out there, so again: don't chase after dudes and always test sweet talk with fire.

Cheers. :)


  1. Very well said, Bethany! Thank you!!

  2. Yes, well said! I love this!

  3. YES!!! This has always been my mindset & I loved your post...so thank you for the confirmation! #singleandreadyforapringle

  4. Also, your blog design KILLS me every. single. time! So SO beautiful!!! You really should offer blog/website design girl!

  5. YESSSSS. Honestly, if I hadn't gotten married, I would have moved in with my roomie and been perfectly happy. Close, satisfying relationships with your friends are a wonderful thing. Pining after guys, I didn't really put much stock in my female friends. I regret that now.


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