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In a fortunate turn of events, my baby suddenly decided she loves her crib and naps! I'm in the middle of bridal shower invites for a friend, and just lost all of my three hours of work due to the program crashing. Grr. So, to curb my imminent screaming (which will probably wake up the baby) I decided to take a breather and share some of my graphic design finds of the month!
**UPDATE** Microsoft Word had the decency to save a draft.  #LoveHateRelationship

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{1} Creative Market. There's so much goodness on this website! I am especially in love with all the beautiful fonts which are perfect for wedding graphics! Since you do have to pay $$, my frugal personality is overly delighted by their awesome freebies, which arrive in my inbox every Monday! If you want to have your hands on some delightful (usually commercial free!) graphics, make sure and subscribe!

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{2} Dlolly's Help. I just found this gem today! Danielle keeps you updated on some terrific freebies on the internet, and her pinterest page is busting through the seams with hidden free things! I'm in LOVE!

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{3} Free Pretty Things for You. Another great website keeping tabs on those elusive freebies on the net! If you're familiar with Shabby Blogs, you'll love this off-branch!

Full Credit to Lisa Glanz
{4} Lisa Glanz. Lisa has the most adorable little sketches ever. And just because she loves us, here's some freebies she's graced our world with!
Full credit to French Press Mornings
{5} French Press Mornings. If you're not into graphic design, you will love, love, love, love, love all these free printables/phone backgrounds with popular bible verses and quotes. They're so cute!


  1. this is like a source of wonderful things...thank you for feeding my addiction and sharing! you are da best! <3


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