Anna & Olaf

Leave it to me to start some insane last minute creation! A group of friends decided to host a costume dance and I decided (three days before) that all us girls should go as Disney princesses. Since Disney princess attire is not readily available, I decided to focus on the two little girlies who would (probably) make more adorable princesses anyway. :)

Ella made the perfect Olaf, with all her pudge, so I whipped out the hot glue gun, fabric scraps and pipe cleaners, and an old stained onesie and got to work! Caroline was so excited and helped me tear through the mountain of scrap fabric at my mom's house. Good thing she's so itty bitty, cuz I barely had enough for our disaster of an Anna vest. (my stenciling skills are lacking, shall we say.) It wasn't
amazing or anything, but it worked!

Look at how cute they are! Ella's costume lasted for about an hour until she spat up all over it! There were several Elsa's at the dance, much to Caroline's delight (and I noted that their costumes were much cuter. but I tried!!)

My costume is called, "This is What I Think I can Nurse In" consisting over my old Robin Hood dress + random articles my sista-in-love brought along! Ella and I had so much fun dancing together! Also, Caroline was the only one available to take this photo and she's not very comfortable with DSLRs. Haha. Thus our pained expressions. ;)

The gals - namely Sarah and Emma - sporting their contribution to the drinks at the dance! We basically spent the whole ride there bemoaning our costume choices, but I think they turned out cute!

And our super blurry sunglasses selfie (I guess I took mine off? hah.) All in all, it was a fun night full of laughter, awkwardness, and really sore feet! We're definitely doing this again!


  1. You all look so cute! I love it. Costume parties are so much fun.

    1. Well, shucks. :) And yes, they are a blast out of the normal boringness of life...


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