Ellie Bellie / Four Months in Diapers

I'm posting these, but the reality is: she's going on five months this Monday! Our life is about to change forever as Ellie just realized she has the power of transportation. She has some sort of army crawl/push-me-pull-you scoot going on...

We're moving.
I spent about thirty minutes calling every single UHaul in the area because we forgot to book one! *yipe* Aidan is off training as a correctional officer, so it's up to me as the wifey to figure all this technical stuff since he doesn't have a phone. Something along the lines of,

"Oh, hi! I need a UHaul for this Saturday."
"Okay, do you know what size?"
"One way or a return vehicle?"
"Well, acutally..."
"Is it less than 50 miles away?"


Oh the plus side, I've been staying with my mom while Aidan is gone and have recently discovered the joys of BIBLE JOURNALING. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?

And now I'm done talking because I'm going to steal the piano.


  1. I LOVE BIBLE JOURNALING! Sara and I have been doing it since last fall! It is so AMAZING!!! And Fun!

  2. awwwwwwwww she is super cute!!!

  3. Hahaha -- that Uhaul deal sounds like something I would do. 🙈

    Ellie Bellie is such a pretty girl❤️

  4. That is literally ME on every single adult phone conversation. *Sigh* Must run in the family or something....

    Baby girl is so precious!!! I had so much fun with her yesterday. :)


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