Prom Hair!!

 I'm not even twenty yet, but sending off sisters to prom makes me feel at least forty six. Here I am bouncing a babbling child and squealing over how beautiful my sister is, while all these awkwardly cute kids are dressed up and trying to make small talk. I thought I was gonna die from how old I felt!

I had the pleasure (or torture?) of being escorted all the way to my parent's house via The Big Red Van just so I could do Sarah's hair. Oh. And makeup too, since apparently my makeup skills are just SO obviously on point.

Let's just be honest here, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to hair. Sarah's motto the entire day was, "I don't care," so we just winged it. I'm actually completely shocked that it turned out this well! 50,000,000 bobby pins later, that is. ;)

 I have no idea if it lasted the entire night, but one can dream, right?

I got to sneak along for pictures, which meant Ellie Bug got to come along too! She definitely stole the show, if I say so myself.

 Sarah and Misty (who herself has a gorgeous little blog over here) ♥♥♥ I love these girlies so much!

And final cray cray selfie to mark Adieu to the adults, such as myself. After all, mom shirts and skinny jeans are NOT prom attire. :)



  1. Hahah! #ImTotallyPhotogenic
    I had a blast! Ohh and btw.... I thought skinny jeans and "mom shirts" were appropriate prom attire.... lol🤣

    1. You better believe it; "mom shirts and jeans" are the best! Well second best because lounge pants and baggy sweaters are totally #1!
      Thanks for the pictures Bethany I didn't get any from drop off because my husband is still learning to navigate the "smart phone" 😮


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