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I got some happy mail today - my monthly Birchbox! I've been waiting what seems forever for the mailman to come. It took so much self-control not to log into my account to take a sneak peek at the samples for this month, but I'm proud to say that I persevered and kept the surprise!

What the heck is Birchbox?

Birchbox is a $10 monthly subscription for higher-end beauty samples. After you sign up, you can customize future boxes so you'll receive the sort of samples you actually want to use! The idea is, of course, that you'll fall in love with the product and buy the freaking $$ bottle, but I think it's worth sampling just for fun!

The Adorable Packaging (!!)

Your five samples come in a super cute box (which is different each month!) along with a neat product information list. The list is especially important for dummies like me who aren't up to date on the latest beauty trends. Hehe. Considering you spend $10 for five decent sized samples of otherwise rather expensive-ish beauty products - I think it's a steal!

Frugal Approved

So, I actually didn't subscribe to Birchbox! But my sweet friend thought I needed some happiness on my doorstep each month and gifted me a three month subscription. Unfortunately, I'm in love and will maybe (probably?) dish out $10 each month because it's just the perfect "mom pampering" that I need. I still have some samples from my first box. Most mornings I basically brush my teeth and throw my hair up in a bun. The end. So. It lasts quite a while for me. :)

My Samples of the Month!

Okay, let's get down to the goodies!
  • Coola $36 - Makeup Setting Spray
  • ModelCo $20 - Lip Liner (OKAY. $20 for a LIP LINER PENCIL?!?!!?! End rant.)
  • Ouai $26 - Beach Wave Spray
  • Vita Liberata $30 - "Fabulous" Self Tanning Lotion 
  • Wilma Schumann Skin Care $18 - Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads

While I don't wear lipstick ever, the lip liner was a really great nude color...so I just cheated and lined my entire lip and it worked like a charm! But anything besides chapstick is too fancy for my everyday style, so this small pencil will probably last forever.

I love, love, love, love, love, the wave spray! I can't tell you how many times I've looked for a hair texture that won't cause my thick hair to either a) lie flat on my head or b) frizz into a white girl afro. This stuff smells amazing and adds just enough texture to help with my go-to messy bun of the day. I tried it with a curling wand and it cut my usual hair curling time in half. So yes. I'm officially sold on hair textureizer. Just not $26 a bottle. ;) I'm going to cry when my sample runs out.
Okay, THESE. My initial reaction was, "okaaaay...yay...eye pads."
MAMA. College students. Stressed out highschoolers. This ^^ is what we all need.

I put these on just for kicks (Ella's reaction was priceless). It feels like you're putting fish on your face, but they (surprisingly!) stay on quite well (they did fall off once, so I wouldn't recommend cleaning the bathroom while wearing these.) After a 20 minute feeding sesh with babes, I was burnt out from all this eye pad fun and nonchalantly took them off without another thought.
I was not prepared, I repeat, totally not prepared when I glanced into the mirror to inspect the results.
My mama eye bags I've had since second trimester insomnia were completely non-existent. I also have very veiny veins (is that a description?) that I always have to cover up because it's a little creepo. But these eye pads did more than any concealer has ever done for me.
Yes, my dears. These work and I would so buy these again if I could get over spending $18 on a pack of five. My bags still look great today, so I am sold!

^^ Post Birchbox pampering selfie!
I should also mention that I left my meager selection of makeup at my mom's house last weekend, but I actually managed to look like an un-tired zombie sans concealer and eyeliner. This is also why I won't mention the makeup setting spray since there's no point to makeup setting spray without makeup.

I'll also add a brief note about the tan lotion: Eh.
I'm not into orange, fake skin. But last time I accidentally bought tanning lotion, it did curb my acne. And it does smell quite nice. For sure, I'm going back to my profile to make sure I don't ever get tanning lotion again. Haha.

Final Verdict

There are quite a bit of horrible reviews online about missing packages and sad sample selections. I never received my April box in the chaos of moving, but I was able to contact Birchbox via Facebook Messenger. Not only did they help confirm my future shipments, but they apologized profusely and extended my subscription for an extra free month! Um, I love you.
Since I shop Elf cosmetics, pretty much any beauty sample is like gold to me - so I ain't complaining! Plus, I was very specific about what things I'm looking for in my Birchbox profile. Hard to mess that up!

It's nice to have something to look forward to each month and I think it's so important for us as women to slow down and feel pretty every once in a while! Take it from one tired mama: Birchbox is a yes. Do it! If by chance you need a last minute gift for your Mommy (or yourself, hehe) this Sunday, there's a 20% special going on, so move your mouse on over!

Cheers and Happy Thursday!

What about you? Do you have Birchbox or something similiar? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. ME! ME! ME! That sounds like so much fun. I love dabbling in beauty products but, like you, don't really have the time, money, or interest to invest in things for daily consumption. But those eye bag pads. Dude. That sounds heavenly. I have been freaking out at the grim reaper staring back at me every time I look in the mirror....


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