My 6 Month Blessing

Crazy how six months ago I was drinking castor oil and walking up and down five stories of stairs in incessant impatience to meet you. We interacted through kicks at 4am and rib jabs at noon. I was technically a momma, but I still had my own side of the bed and could shower alone if I wanted to.

Then one day we finally met! I got to kiss your wet head as you grasped my fingers for the first time. I changed your first diaper in the dark and fumbled with the velcro because this was my first diaper in a long time. You slept all night on my chest, and pretty much have ever since. Those first few months were tough! You were just a baby girl and I was just a baby momma. Ellie, you really were a grouchy baby and I had a lot of trouble keeping you happy and doing anything besides nursing or holding you.

Eventually, you discovered how much fun bath time is, but now you will only sit in the bath tub (because lying down is for babies, of course!) Your army crawl is in full swing, but you're not very happy about getting stuck under tables, or when I leave the room. If I need a second alone, you'll be a happy camper in your high chair and even happier if I let you squish a banana.
But you're so messy, I usually don't give you bananas. :)

We call you our little velociraptor because you screech when you wake up in the morning! You also take it upon yourself to wake up daddy, usually by slapping him in the face or spitting up all over his arms. That really gets him out of bed, doesn't it?! Tickle torture is your favorite, but I think you love kisses almost just as much. Either way, they make you squeal like a piggy.

The other day, you were flirting with a group of boys at Wendy's. It's pretty hard to say no to your gorgeous blue eyes. You're gonna give me lotsa grief, girl!

So stay little.
Keep being your quirky cute self.
I'm so glad I get to be your mama. ♥♥♥


  1. Replies
    1. @ Rebekah - I know! Yesterday was the first time she "cuddled" with me on the couch without wanting to nurse or be entertained. I died inside a little bit. From happiness, of course. :D

  2. Awww❤️

    She looks like Aidan in the pic!

    1. @ Anna - Yes, she most definitely spent 9 months in my tummy and avoided all evidence that my DNA exists with hers! She's even got Aidan's rectangular head! Hehe. :)

  3. Why are babies so adorable😭 #happytears
    She is such a cutie!!!!

    1. @ Misty - I'm going through Emmett withdrawal! My mom says that scientifically, babies (and baby animals) have to be cute so the months will feel obliged to take care of them! :P

  4. What a precious sentiment about your 6-month "mom-versary". Ella is such a cutie. Is that part of your rag rug that she's holding? (Right next to the Xbox controller.)


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