See that door?
I'm painting it. Along with everything that ever existed in this house. If you see the guy who slapped on a coat of sloppy paint all over the original wood trim, walls, and floor of our abode - please stop him and punch him in the face for me.

In other news. I'm napping with my baby right now and trying to figure out how I'll paint that door, finish all my projects, plan a bridal shower, and weed the really ugly front garden. I can probably scratch off the garden, because the plants I bought are definitely going to die anyday soon.

Let's end on a happy note: baby Ella's fuzzy hair. This picture makes me die. :)


  1. BETHANYYY!!! I'LL COME AND HELP YOU PAINT. Or babysit. ;) So, feel free to kidnap me anytime.

    p.s. i also have a way with plants ;)

    your sis-in-law,


    1. @ Emma - I say it's high time I kidnapped you and Sarah for a week. If you don't mind walking 2 miles for coffee everyday. :) And yas. My poor plants. I also have this like along-the-side landscaping that someone did and it's totally overgrown and I don't know where to even begin. So if you want to ruin it for me, that'd be great. :D

  2. One day, one moment at a time. Love Ella's fuzzy hair!

  3. AAAAAH!! Her hair is so sweet. #heartmelt

    Your house looks really cute. I can't wait to see what you and that creativity of yours turn it into:):) Our front door is extremely cheap, hollow and filthy. (Still haven't replaced it...). It has brassy pineapples on it, and some kind of gold Chinese symbol, too. I'm real excited to find another one...


    The landscaping is being revamped bit by tiny bit. Today I'm working on the front flower bed as well, that is, I'm GETTING RID OF IT and starting over. Lol


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