Lord of the Rings Bridal Shower

I'm so excited to share this post with you guys! I'm gaining a new sister-in-law this Saturday, and let me tell ya, she deserved Pinterest's first ever Lord of the Rings bridal shower. We - and I mean my mama-in-love, Miss Hannah and the fabulous Emma - had a blast throwing together this last-minute ("unexpected") woodland party.

What's a party without an over-abundance of Lembas bread? I'm not sure what recipe Emma used, but they turned out just adorable and yummy.
 Stuffed mushrooms - a subtle nod to the movies. :) I heard they were delicious and didn't last long! Hannah displayed the mushrooms over some lettuce and parsley (?) which really made them pop!
Yes, that is the cutest cupcake tower ever, handmade by a really sweet brother of Hannah's. Emma saved my life by spending the night and baking cupcakes in my ancient gas oven. She also makes the best blended iced coffee and willingly does dishes. Like. Yes. Come stay with me forever.
The table center pieces really came to life with the greenery. It was worth the mess of 1,000,000 pine needles. The lantern cans were recycled from my wedding rehearsal dinner my mother-in-law threw a few years ago.
 Well, we couldn't resist that, could we? :)
 Adeline had some fun things on her registry, one of which was Jenga. We decided to use Jenga blocks instead of a guest-book.
I am completely not responsible for this beautiful masterpiece. Credits to Miss Hannah and her creativity.
Speaking of food, our "light refreshments" were anything but! Yum. yum. yum.
This old window screen, which I used in my wedding, really came in handy for displaying photos of those cuties.
We did a unique bridal shower game called, "Guess the Bride". We had a list of famous grooms and then had the guests write down the groom's bride (if they could remember!) It was a smashing success, although Odysseus and Penelope stumped most of the group! Ella and I made these little signs to go along with the game.

I wish I had more photos of the actual shower, but Ella Bug and hostess duties kept me busy most of the evening. We live quite a bit from family, so it was a long night of driving for us (even longer, since I suddenly caught Ella's fever from earlier that week. Yay.) But the shower was beautiful, the turn-out was uh-mazing, and I think Adeline loved the theme that reflected something she loves. Totally worth it!

Pardon my absence. But I'm still alive, by a thread. :)


  1. I'll come do your dishes 😜 But.... I have NO idea how to make iced coffee! It looks like it was a fun/cool bridal shower 😀

  2. That looks really lovely! I think my favorite thing of the food was the mushrooms, I love those. And that couples game is adorable! Thanks for posting!

  3. Awesome post, Bethany!!! I was trying to find time to do one as well... but have hardly been able to keep up on emails, let alone blog posts. So I'm glad you threw one together! You captured everything so nicely :)

  4. This is just a superb post. I liked the idea of placing cupcakes on wooden logs. This idea will be just perfect for my DIY bachelor party. We are getting married soon at the local Los Angeles wedding venues and it will be a zero waste wedding.

    1. @ Drew - You're DIY-ING your bachelor party?!? That is totally awesome! Wish you all the best!

  5. How were the mallorn leaves made?


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