I Almost Stopped Blogging, But Here I Am

It's been a quiet summer here on the blog, but it was a much needed silence.
The hubs works long hours (we're talking until 1am!) and I decided to make the best of my loneliness by relaunching my blog. I have an entire notebook scribbled full of all my inspiration and ideas. . .so get ready for the flood! I freshened up the blog a bit and even splurged on my own domain name (I'm so proud that my blog name is original enough to have a free domain waiting for me. Ha.)

Life Update

Ella Cakes is nine months now and so full of energy. She takes exactly two naps a day, eats everything (especially her favorite: rocks), and is currently teething. She babbles now, too. I remember the first time she said "muma" in reference to me and my heart nearly exploded. Now, she'll scream it across the room and cry for "mama" in the morning, and you can bet I bolt out of bed to go save that child before my heart stops beating from sadness. 

I've got about two full nights of sleep for the first time in nine months - so that's exciting and definitely worth writing down. #WelcomeToMotherhood 
My absolutely favorite part of the day is when Ella wakes up and crawls over to Aidan's side of the bed so she can stroke his stubby chin and get her good morning kisses. *melts*

This strange new city is starting to become home. We were able to invest in a spanking new Chevy Equinox, which means I can go anywhere besides the one mile radius I've been walking in. Ella and I go to work together at the local Y about 15+ hours a week. She gets to play with toys while I make sure all the other children don't murder each other with dinosaurs. 
Yesterday, a kid threw up in the bathroom sink.
That job keeps me on my toes. Heh.
But seriously, it was such a God thing that I got that job and I absolutely love it! Plus, I've made friends and have something to wake up for during the day (because dishes get really boring after awhile.) Also, the stories from childcare are way too hilarious to be real.

I still love coffee and I exploded five hard boiled eggs on the stove, so some things haven't changed. The happiest news of all is that we're expecting!
...a cute little nephew around Christmastime. :) 
Haha. Gotcha.

What were you guys up to this summer? For all you childcare peeps, what's your most recent horror/hilarious story?
Let me know, because I miss all my comment threads!



  1. Pretty new design! I like it. I'm glad you're enjoying your job. I haven't done too much childcare, but I've been around enough of them to know that kids are crazy. Absolutely. And I love 'em! Ella is just adorable. Seriously just a cute and beautiful kid.
    Congrats on the nephew! I see what you did there. :)

    1. @ Abby - Thank you, thank you! Lol, and yes. Sometimes I pride myself on how hilarious I am. :P


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