6 Fun Things to Do With Your Babe at Home

Babies get bored.
I never thought this would be a THING until I got stuck with a baby 24/7. There's only so many tickles I can give her, only so many bananas she can eat, and only so many stroller rides she'll tolerate before she needs to GET OUT. NOW.

Unfortunately, Ella and I differ on what the definition of "fun" is. Ella's ideal entertainment is stuff like inhaling rocks, ripping Kleenexes, emptying the dustpan while I'm sweeping, or sticking her hand in her diaper. -_-

I'm more of an old school girl, since I'm always in favor of having quality napping time together.

Personally, I get annoyed by the same routine and it seems Ella is always eager to find some new sort of adventure, too. So, we've been experimenting with different activities to stimulate her senses and keep me on my toes without accommodating chocking hazards (*cough* the park next door thought rubber tire shavings are just as baby-friendly as they are eco-friendly. Seriously, dudes?)

If you need to shake up your baby entertainment, here's some activities we love that you and your babe might find enjoyable.

{1} Read Together. One day, your baby will wake up and think board books are cool. For Ella, she was three-months-old when I first started reading her the same high-contrast number book over. and over. again. Now that she has longer attention spans, I pick out colorful prints with repetitive words or things she'll recognize (she thinks animals are cool right now!) Also, look for board books that have fun sensory pages (like fur, flaps, and mirrors.) Reading is a good way to "reset" Ella if she was in the middle of being crabby or getting into something she's not supposed to. Even better is the fact that this is completely mess free and stress free. Here's a link to some of Ella's favorites!

{2} Cheerio Necklaces. This simple project will probably be the best day of your baby's life, and I'm not exaggerating. Ella loves to eat everything, so this is the perfect little diversion that will keep her occupied so I can finish the dishes or make supper. All it takes is some yarn, a bit of masking tape on the end, and a minute or two to thread the cheerios on. Then you can sit back and let the fun begin!

OF COURSE: Whenever you give your baby food or something around their neck, you should always be there to supervise. Because: choking. duh.

^^ This picture cracks me up. I bring my cheerio necklaces when we go grocery shopping, since she likes to climb out of the seat and into my (not very strong) arms.

{3} Go to the library! Seems obvious, right? I guess I never really thought babies could benefit from the children's section of the public library, but boy was I wrong! Our local library has an entire wall of interactive games and toys for kiddos of all ages. It's like Ella heaven. And it has AC, too. I can't wait to take her when they have read to a dog or something because she is obsessed with animals (she "barks" with the neighbors dogs across the street!)

{4} Introduce your baby to jello. This is an easy-peasy sensory activity that kept Ella occupied for a good thirty minutes. True, she did end up trying to eat most of the jello, but she also thought squishing it was just as fantastic. Prepare to end the night with a bath and a red bathtub. I stuck some toys in the jello so she could dig them out (she thought that was too weird, though.)

{5} Have a dance party. Okay. That little baby bottom dance they all do?! It gets me every time! We turn up Pandora really loud and take turns singing karaoke with a wooden spoon (Ella mostly eats hers) and stealing the stage with our epic dance moves. Ella loves to "dance" so much, she'll even bop her little bootie to Mozart, now.

{6} Speaking of Mozart: Baby Youtube. Am I a horrible mom for plopping Ella down with some cheerios while she watches Baby Einstein? Maybe. Sesame Street, too! Elmo is her favorite (the first time she saw Elmo, she screeched the entire episode out of sheer joy.) It's one of our favorite ways to "wake up" during the day or wind down after work.

What is your go-to activity to keep babies entertained? 
Spur-of-the-moment poll: do you like jello? :P
(because I love it no matter how bad it is for you. so. good. like. mm. just gimme.)



  1. These are some GREAT ideas! #Sister Babysitting! Emmett would probably love all of these except he doesn’t like the tv... he has little to no interest!! Lol

    1. @ Misty - that's probably a good thing! Lol. :) My poor baby is corrupted...

  2. That cheerio necklace idea is GENIUS!! I am totally packing a cheerio necklace when I need to keep my baby occupied while shopping! And I plan to live at the library -- we're talking working our daily schedule around their read aloud times. ;) Just pinned cousin Ella's favorite book suggestions too! :D

    I like jello!!! It was the only complimentary dessert offered with our dinner out the other day, and I forgot how much I missed it. I just don't like anything IN the jello. Yuck.

    1. @ Bailey - Haha! AWWWW...When he's into books, maybe Ella can read him her favorites.
      She just started blowing kisses and giving kisses today. *sigh*

      AND JELLO. Isn't it the best? Brings back so many memories of failed science experiments and toddler tantrums.

  3. Ha! This made me laugh so much. Man, Ella is such a cutie.
    I'm going to have to send this post to my bestie, she has a 10 month old little girl. (I love being 'aunt' jana, lol)

    I'm sure one day i will revisit this post when I have kiddos! I love the cheerio necklace idea!

  4. Jello? You are a better woman than I...

    I can see it now...the floor...her clothes...my clothes...the new white living room rug... But I should do it anyway. Id love to see what she thought of it..

    You're a brave, wonderful mommy.

    That cheerio necklace sounds like complete perfection -- it might even make Haven sit still for a minute or two! (Food and pure exhaustion are normally the only two things that render that affect 😂)

    Great ideas!!

  5. I just wrote a nice long comment about what a nice bunch of ideas this is...

    And My phone was being too cantankerous to post it.

    AAAAGH! #firstworldprobs

    Nice post though. I'm in love with the cheerio necklace...Haven loves necklaces. AND Cheerios.


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