Emma & Sarah / BFF's

These goofies are near are dear to my heart, and I'm so lucky that I get to call them my sisters. Emma is already scheming for Sarah to marry into the family so they can  be *real* sisters, but for now they just stick together as besties. I proudly pointed out that my marriage made their friendship a thing, so I'll take the credit here.
(this is way too forward/weird to write down in real life. We all know that Sarah is immune to crushes and that all our matchmaking schemes are thus futile.)

This girl right here ^^ is so great. I've kidnapped her on occasion and she just kills the auntie game. I mean she even made me blended coffee while did my dishes. Like - are you real?

And this girl is just fabulous. You will never beat Sarah in a battle of sarcasm. If I ever need a daily dose of encouragement, I know where not to find it. ;) She is so patient with Ella and always places first dibs on stealing the child, so I get to nap!!

(Afterwards, they insisted I photograph their incredible synchronized scooter skills. Impressive.)
And totally off topic, BUT:
We found a bargain store that was selling four boxes of metallic temporary tattoos for whopping $1. This is how our weekend turned out (we even got bro-in-law Erich to join in on the fun!) Unless I'm banned from returning back home, it was probably one of the most brilliant buys of my life. Totally worth it and way too addicting.

Thanks for letting me snap some shots of your friendship, girlies!


P.s. You can find Sarah and Emma over at Cheerio & Survivor. Leave a comment and tell them how beautiful they are and to please start blogging again.


  1. Their fashion and your photography are ON. POINT. And honestly, I want to steal them both as aunties. They make mom life sound luxurious (free coffee! naps! dishes washed! no child to look after!). ;)

    1. @ Bailey - maybe we should just look into cloning. Ha


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