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Fall is my favorite time of the year. My super organized mom would pull out the gray "Thanksgiving" bin on a cold afternoon, and we would decorate the house with pilgrims, pumpkins, and leaves.

Since I'm starting my life from scratch, I don't have a gray bin of fall festivities. It's just me, the internet, and Ella's thirty minute afternoon nap, left to tackle some easy (...cheap..) fall decor.

Here's the Scoop:
My first project was THIS sign that I free-handed because I don't have access to one of those fancy cutters and I couldn't get the design to transfer on my wood. It turned out super cute (if I say so myself!) and was so stress-free. Do it.

Over at the top, you'll see my leaf garland from an old book. I used the patterns found over at A Beautiful Mess and printed them right on top of my book pages! You could use small clothespins, or glue them on twine. You'll just need something to hold the leaves in place while they dry (paper clips will do the trick.)

So, I can't actually see myself going through with this. But seriously, how cute is this? Check it out at Tabula Rosi.

My next project, in lieu of actual pumpkins, are these cute dudes. 
@ Love Decorations

And finally, if you can't find me, you'll know what I'll be doing (with a pumpkin latte, of course!)
@ ElemenoP

What are you fall decor ambitions?



  1. Very cute projects. We did some of those pumpkins before, they were really nice looking. Girl, that freehand sign is absolutely fabulous! You have some serious skills.

    1. @ Abby - ooh!! Glad to know someone else has tested those out. And thank you. :)

  2. It's all so pretty! Much better than the contents of my dusty gray bin.

    1. @ Mom - well, they definitely don't smell like all that yummy fall goodness - like the gray bin does. :)

  3. That is so pretty, Bethany! I love little do it yourself decorating projects, especially when they're for fall. That's probably my favorite season to decorate for. When I get to redo my room (whenever that may be), I want to have lots of do it yourself items. :)
    By the way, I have an adorable new fall garland for sale in my shop right now. :) ashleysyarnworks.etsy.com. It'd probably look cute on your wall. :)


    1. Fall is seriously the best! I especially love all the cute miniature pumpkins!!

  4. It's a good thing I wasn't there when you hand painted that sign, or I probably would have drooled all over it. SO. CUTE.

    My ambitions for fall decor....? I really need to figure something out for the table-y thing in the living room. And I would luv to put white lights out in the bushes. I have a weakness for sparkly.


    Still waiting for inspiration to knock me over with an idea.

    1. Ooh. Twinkle lights are my favorite. I almost got some pretty Halloween orange ones even though I don't celebrate Halloween. They were just so pretty. :)

      Our table-y bookshelf thing was all nice and pretty until Aidan decided to take out everything just to make sure there wasn't a secret passageway behind it (for real, no joke) He then proceeded to put everything back and Ella killed the baby succulent that he left on the floor. :D Moral of this comment: decorating is pointless sometimes.


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