I Made Some Boo Boo Bags! / DIY

The first time Ella fell off the couch, I was ready to go to the ER and have her checked for brain trauma. Turns out, that wouldn't be the first time Ella would take a tumble (and live.) Now, if Ella doesn't bump her head on the coffee table, I'm almost concerned something is wrong with her well-being (she still doesn't get that you can't sit up under the coffee table.)

Of course, no one likes to face plant on the hard floor after a fruitless attempt to empty the magazine holder, so I'm here to offer a solution to the proceeding flood of tears: Boo Boo Bags

This Bergmann patented product was first introduced by my creative mother who made some cute bean bags that probably turned into "boo boo bags" because some absent-minded child stuffed one in the freezer. Their healing powers are *almost* as miraculous as the coveted "band-aid" and can cure even the toughest of bruises.

After Ella smacked into the garbage can the other day (I'm not even sure how that's possible?) I decided we needed a few in our possession.

You will need:

Rice (hindsight: use white rice!)
Fabric scraps and thread

My hypothesis is that these boo-boo bags would work better if you lightly chopped the rice in a blender beforehand. But plain old rice will do just fine.

Begin by cutting a 4.5" square on two contrasting fabrics. I experimented with "jegging" fabric and flannels for my bags. My conclusion was that a thinner fabric with a little stretch is the way to go. But to each his own.

Embellish as you see fit! I starched my squares and then appliqued/embroidered to my heart's content. You might remember this llama fabric from previous endeavors. :)

Sew at 1/4", right sides together, and don't forget to leave an opening to turn the bag right-side out! I clipped the corners, turned it out, and used the end of scissors to help poke out the corners all the way. I did *not* finish my edges (which is a huge sewing no-no!) to avoid odd bulkiness.

Note: If you don't possess sewing skills or paraphernalia, maybe give hot glue a try? Use at your own risk! :)

Fill the bags about 3/4 of the way with rice. You want to leave a little room to avoid making rice pillows. I use a paper funnel to help keep everything neat...

...but as you can see, some little munchkin discovered the rice I had left out. At least I get credit for trying, right?

Your bags should look like this so far. Fold down the opening so it matches the rest of the seam allowance and close with a slip stitch. You could also machine sew it shut, but I prefer to hide my stitches.

I would suggest not using purple thread - but I'm too frugal to go buy something that matched. *facepalm*

And there you have it! Stick these little dudes in the freezer for the next boo-boo that comes along, or heat them in the microwave at 15 second intervals for upset tummies and cold hands. They also make great bean bags for games or throwing at ornery husbands. ;)



  1. I don't know how it's possible for a sewing DIY to leave me laughing hysterically, but you've got me in stitches!! (HAR HAR. I'm sooo punny at 5 AM.....) This reminds me of the time you were upstairs and Ella faceplanted three times within five minutes. I should get her a little football helmet for her birthday.....

    1. @ Bailey - I just now got that pun, like five hours later. *facepalm* And by necessity, I think I'll just go splurge on the helmet NOW, especially since she likes to climb the stairs when I'm not looking (I literally lost her today. And found her happily screeching in our room.)

  2. These little rice bags, when heated, are also good for getting better adhesion with nail wraps. I know...so important, right? :p

    1. @ Juanita - WHAT? You should've told me this when I was testing out Jamberry Wraps. That must be your secret - because mine turned out awful. :( Someday we need to get together and you need to teach me how to properly do my nails!

  3. Genius! I was just thinking the other day that I needed to find some of these somewhere...maybe I'll haul out the ol' sewing machine and give it a try...

    That note about ornery husbands is pretty accurate. I could see this happening at our house..


    1. @ Anna - Ohhh, you could whip these up in a heartbeat. You're the queen of homemaking skills!

  4. I make these all the time!!! I LOVE how nice they are and how they don't get hard as rock(as real ice packs do). I made some for my wrists as they hurt DREADFULLY after I do high-action wrist stuff(with out my brace on........ he he)

    1. @ Misty - Oh. Dear. No fun! I actually have carpal tunnel that flares up every once in awhile. Since Ella doesn't really like these yet, maybe I'll take advantage of them!

  5. Yay! A simple easy tutorial that I can follow! As much as I wish I could, I can't sew except for small things like pillows, pockets, buttons, etc. This is something I want to try. Boo boo bags are a great idea. :)

    At least Ella doesn't cry every time she bumps her head...or does she? Some babies I watch in the nursery cry every single time they get pushed or bumped, and then there are some good babies who are a little tougher. :)

    1. @ Ashley - I think my mom actually had me make some of these when I was eight. So, if my dinky 8-year-old self can do it, so can you! Ella is a pretty tough cookie. I have noticed that while she is a warrior at home, she does tend to overreact when she's at work with me (I work in childcare!) If another baby so much as *touches* her, she's screaming her head off! :P


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