I Stopped Buying Baby Wipes and Got Crunchy / DIY

The one thing I swore I would never, ever, under any circumstances do as a mother was get sucked into natural diapering methods. No cloth diapers for me! Amen. So did someone like me get stuck on homemade baby wipes? Actually, it started off very innocently: I plum ran out of wipes one afternoon and was forced to take drastic measures before Ella had her daily afternoon poop. so.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It was miraculous that I had an extra paper towel roll lying around. Even more surprising was the fact that these actually worked and were easy to make. Not only that, but Ella's occasionally sensitive bum was so happy and moist that I instantly knew I was never going back to buying wipes. #WeAreNeverEverEverGettingBackTogether

Big Box of Generic Baby Wipes = $9-$15
Homemade Roll of Wipes = $0.50 (give or take!)
Time spent driving to the store and back = 30 minutes
Time spent making at home = 5 minutes

Are you sold, yet?

These dudes hold up tolerably. I would be lying if I said I *never* got frustrated with a wipe ripping/crumbling (grr!) but I've since learned to be a little more gentle with my baby wipe ripping technique. I haven't had any problems with them staying fresh, since Ella goes through a roll in less than a month. Hehe.

So, enough jabbering and let's get started so you can make homemade baby wipes, too!

You will need:

A strong roll of paper towel
Baby oil or coconut oil
Baby wash
A container or plastic bag
A saw or sharp bread knife
Warm water

Step Uno

Grab your sharp tool of choice and slice the paper towel roll in half...

...like so. This can be a little tricky and very messy. I promise that it's worth it in the end!

You'll end up with two very sad looking rolls of paper towel.


I like to rip the cardboard center out. The wipe roll will absorb the solution faster and you can pull them from the center like a Kleenex box.


Add your baby wash (about 1 TBSP) to a cup of *warm* water. This does not have to be exact. Do what your heart tells you.
The more you add the more "soapy" your wipes will be. You can also skip the baby wash, if you are broke and don't have any on hand (I have totally done this because I was way too lazy to walk upstairs to grab it from the bathroom.)


Add the coconut oil (about 1 TBSP) and stir until combined. This is my favorite ingredient in the wipes and it leaves Ella's skin silky smooth and good smelling. I add a bit of lavender baby oil, too. Cuz...why not?

Alternatively, I have made wipes with *just* the lavender oil...but it was lacking, so I highly don't suggest doing that.

I put my roll of paper towel in an old wipe container. Homemade wipes do *not* rip well if I feed them through the top, so I open the entire container and pull from the center. Alternatively, you could get a container that actually *fits* a vertical half-roll of paper towels, but I like to work out my one-handed-wipe-container-opening skills.


Pour that yummy smelling solution on your wipes! I should clarify: do this slowly and add just enough so that the wipes are not completely soaked. The paper towel absorbs the water of the course of time, so keep that in mind before you drown the entire roll.

After an hour,  I dump out any extra water that has pooled on the bottom so the wipes won't get overly soggy.

Congratulations! You have all the knowledge you need know to make your own baby wipes. If you don't have a baby bottom to wipe, I think these would also make great makeup remover wipes.

Let me know in the comments below if you have made or already make your own wipes. And for those of you who are brave enough to cloth diaper - PLEASE. Tell me more. How do you do it and actually survive?



  1. Totally pinning this for my baby! I'm all for saving money, especially if it makes baby bums smell and feel good. :)

    There's a boy at our center who uses cloth diapers. They're actually really easy to use. I personally would never use them because they don't seem to keep him as dry, so he's wetter and stinkier and more prone to rash than the other kiddos. And I cannot imagine changing a poopy blow-out cloth diaper. YUCK. Plus (no joke) they are SO HUGE that he has to wear special shorts, and the diapers cause him to waddle because they impede his movement.

    So yay for the environment, yay for cute cloth diaper covers, yay for saving money, but nay for all the above reasons. :P

    1. @ Bailey - yeah, I always thought the huge diaper part was a bit interesting. I actually have changed a cloth diaper (once) and I decided this would not be a thing in my life after I threw it in the diaper pail. :|

  2. This is the bomb! Please don't stop blogging, your posts are REAL but also make me laugh out loud.

    1. @ Anon - awe! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad that someone thinks my weird writing is hilarious. :)


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