I Tried Meal Prep For Three Days

I decided to try meal planning.
You know that thing that saves money and time and helps you make healthier food choices.

Spoilers: It took me seven hours. Yes, READ THAT AGAIN:
...to prep food for three days.

I've officially lost my mind.

Most people meal prep because they want to lose weight and/or they have busy lifestyles and want to stop ordering from the dollar menu.

I'm actually trying to gain weight.
And I'm usually not *too* busy to make supper...
I just don't cuz I'm lazy and I really dislike cooking.

Just kidding, I do (of course!) make supper.

Any good meal-prepper starts with a list. I tried to *cough* "keep it simple" by sticking with some core ingredients: fish, chicken, rice, veggies, tortillas, etc. All in all, that's generally a good idea whether you're meal prepping or not. It's just a little tedious. :/

My "How To Meal Prep For Beginners" insisted that I *immediately* wash all my veggies upon coming home. To be honest, in real life, this is actually a good tip. My lettuce didn't go bad as quickly when I separated each leaf (and stuck a paper towel in there, too!) and I was more apt to throw together a salad or eat some fresh veggies if it was already washed and chopped. YAY!

(This is also the first time I used my unused salad spinner. I still don't get what it does.)

Aidan is a snacker, and I *will* eat food if it's there. Hard-boiled eggs seemed like the perfect protein supplement in-between meals and would also overlap for my tuna pasta salad!

These are always a good idea to have on hand. I just have a really bad tendency to forget about my eggs, and they explode all over the stove.

Hour #4. -_-
So, meal prepping for supper was pretty pointless. It was too much to juggle all those different recipes in one day, and honestly, I always have time to make supper. Having chicken on hand and the vegetables pre-washed is probably as far as I would go.

Crockpot chicken is so refreshingly simple. AH.

The tilapia was pretty easy, too. I used homemade taco seasoning on the left, and just some salt, pepper, and lemon on the right. Stick it in the broiler for ten minutes, and you're done!!

Ella was such a trooper (most of the time.) I made the best of the crazy kitchen mess and let her play with leftover large pieces of vegetables, tupperware, and that useless salad spinner.

The stocked fridge at the end! The overnight oatmeal was gross. Don't do it.
This recipe for protein balls, though? THIS NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR LIFE.

Birds eye view of seven hours! Phew. (breakfast burritos and chicken taquitos not included.)

What I learned:

Breakfast Burritos are the bomb. I used to always make these and keep them in the freezer. It definitely beats rushing in the morning to make fried eggs for Ella and I (and you can eat them in the car!)

Prepare your lunches. Even if it's just the night before, it was so handy having a delicious lunch waiting for me on my fifteen minute break...and I don't think anyone noticed that I microwaved fish in the microwave. Hehe.

Separate your veggies with a paper towel: This was a little tedious, but my produce lasted so much longer. Now, I don't feel tempted to skip over the lettuce because it's all washed and ready to go!

Stick simple. If you must meal prep, for the sake of your sanity, just make the same lunch for five days. It's not worth all the trouble to make it fancy. *facepalm*

Have you tried meal planning? What's your go to snack/meal on a weekly basis?



  1. Props to you my friend! I meal prepped for one day and then I was soooooo done. lol
    the most I do at the moment is cook a giant thing of veggies and chicken and potatoes at the start of the week.
    Good luck on your meal prep adventures!

    P.S glad i'm not the only one who can't stand overnight oats. blah!

    1. @ Jana - Lol, I think my meal prep adventures have officially ended. But at least I tried.
      And yeah.
      those oats literally made me gag. #PinterestFail

  2. I've never personally done meal planning. My family has tried it before, but we don't precook everything. We do stuff like precooked chicken and beans for recipes. It can be really helpful! All of your food is making me really hungry. :)

    1. @ Abby - OHHH, well..beans I just buy canned because I can. <--See what I did there. :P

      But yeah, looks like I'm gonna leave this to the pros!

  3. Arg, making 9 different meals at once sounds like hell but way to go mama!! I usually plan dinners for the week and eat leftovers for lunch. Breakfast is basically always yogurt and granola, and something fancier with eggs on weekends. I've reduced my shopping trips to only Aldi, so if I can't find it there, we're not eating it. I'm always curious to know how other people shop and cook on a budget, because I seriously dislike the task and find it way more daunting than, say, laundry!

    1. @ Anon - Unfortunately, my husband thinks leftovers are great for a midnight snack instead of MY LUNCH for the next day! Hah. And oh my goodness, Aldi is the best of the best.
      And yeah.
      Cooking and shopping is annoying.
      (...but so is laundry, so I guess I need some help! lol!)

  4. We've already discussed that I would never do this. My "meal prep" involves buying things like ready made snacks and cans of beans. :P Spending that extra bit of money to save on cooking and dishwashing is soooo worth it to me! But your prepped meals looked so organized and yummy in the end!!


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