Make a Living Room Statement for $5

My Pinterest home is all set to go. My real home, though? Eh, needs some help. We've been here for over six months, and our living room walls are completely bare (still.) Also, I haven't got around to curtains because curtains are insanely expensive (wHy?) Since I'm frugal and we're not like rich or anything, I'm no about to drop $$ on cute wall hangings from Hobby Lobby - or anywhere, for that matter.

I discovered this ^^ beauty sitting on the floor in Goodwill. I passed it by a couple of times before finally deciding that today was the day to DIY my own living room decor. It was too big to fit in the shopping cart, so I ended up pushing Ella + cart and dragging this thing in my other hand until an employee noticed my pathetic plight and put it up front for me. Haha. It just barely fit in the car, too.

I really loved this sign that I found on Pinterest and wanted to do something similar. This Bible verse has been one of my favorites for forever, so I thought it would be a good fit since I'll see it everyday. (After the project, I was so relieved that I picked a short verse to paint!!)

So, my plan: think of a plan.
I literally had no idea what I was doing, which is always a great ingredient for disaster. I figured my best bet was to cut the back out and expose the original painting, which turned out to be a little more tricky than I initially bargained for!

After cutting off the paper backing, I was met with a barricade of staples and cardboard. Just think of your worst day ever and then somehow convert that to staples.

Using my limited knowledge of tools, I used a hammer to pull back the staples, hoping I could bend them back in place when I was finished (like a normal picture frame.)
Oh, yeah. 
I totally stepped on one and got blood all over the floor. So. If you attempt this project: you've been warned.

After bending every. single. stupid. staple. I discovered two things. 1) masking tape?! and 2) this was from a nursing home.
Pleasant. :)

Annnd finally free! There was quite a bit of paint (?) on the glass, which took a little elbow grease and baking soda to remove. I'm honestly intrigued by the fact that there is paint on the glass, in really random places. Not sure what happened there.

Just in case you think this project is easy: here's a photo of Ella throwing a tantrum because I won't let her eat the paper towel. I'm such a mean mom!

Prepared to be wowed: tada.
This was literally just a print that was mounted on cardboard. I was a little disappointed/annoyed that it wasn't real canvas but seeing as I had already gone to all the trouble to take it apart, I continued anyway and hoped for the best.

Here I am dousing the entire thing with white paint I found in the basement:
To add to the drama, the ink from the print turned the paint a little pink. Even after layer #4, the middle rectangle was still pink. Oh, well. Guess we're going with it!

After applying various coats of paint and surrendering to the pink tint, it was time for the fun part! The font in question is Bromello - which is free for the downloading from dafont.com. I blew it up on Wordpad and taped the words together - like so.

Here's where the magic happens! Rub lead on the backside of the words...

...trace on your painting...

...and voila! There it is, all ready to be traced. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?

So, pro tip: use a paint pen. I don't suggest using four-year-old wall paint. But. Desperate times = desperate measures.

By this time, I realized that I was subconsciously going for a "watercolor" look (+ random pink, lol.) Lest I ruin it anymore, I decided to stick it back in the frame and pretend everything was hunky dory. I didn't even put that annoying cardboard back in BECAUSE 

And here's the final product! Pardon the yucky floor and bare toes. Ella was taking a nap, so I took a quick snapshot before she woke up.

This fit just perfectly on our built-in bookshelf, along with a few other pieces I threw up there. I don't even pretend to know how to decorate, so. Tada.

Pro tip: I buy my big candles from Goodwill. They're super cheap, and since I'm going to light them anyway, it's no big deal for me buying them gently used (is that an oxymoron for candles? IDK?)

Moral of the post is: Be creative. Go thrifting. Have fun. Decorate your house.

What do you think of this statement piece? What would *you* put on your living room wall (cuz I still need ideas since 80% is still blank!) Actually, what would you put on your living room walls in general?



  1. YAS. I must do this. Our little apartment is very empty and needs a few things on the wall.

    Thanks for sharing! Super creative :)

    1. @ Jana - It was pretty relaxing, too. With the help of YouTube blaring in the background as I tediously traced everything...

  2. Very pretty! I like it a lot. You're so creative!
    On our living room walls, there is a clock, some paintings (sister originals), a barn star (love barn stars!) and some mirrors. Also, one of those vinyl Bible verse decals from Hobby Lobby, which I like a lot. Good job on your painting!

  3. It's awesome, Bethany!! Man, but I'm jealous of your skills! The handwriting and crafting gene seems to have skipped me. 😂

    Um...my walls? *blushes*

    It takes me months to decide what to put on a wall, and usually a few weeks to decide whether or not I like when it ACTUALLY GETS PAST THE VISIONARY STAGE.

    Decorating would be more fun if I knew what I liked😂

  4. I really want to make a gallery wall! And figure out how to decorate around my piano.

    P.S. I thought the book in front of your final painting said "Plutarch's Elves" instead of "Plutarch's Lives."

  5. I'm planning to hand paint broken chevron on one wall and add tons of shelves to the whole thing and put together a gallery wall too!!


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