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In case you were wondering, it is possible to survive the summer without air conditioning. You may have to soak sheets in cold water in order to cool down, but it's totally possible.
And I highly do not recommend it.

With that, we've moved on to more exciting things like thermostats that read 68 degrees and pumpkin spice lattes.

This summer was the first time I ever really wore shorts or tanks tops (read the first paragraph) and while that's all fine and dandy, I'm so happy to break out the long sleeves and a nice cuddly scarf that makes you seem more dressed up than you actually are. Also, they make for great nursing covers. WIN.

I discovered my ten-year-old diary the other day. The biggest catastrophe of my summer back in 2010 was when the dog ate my one (and only) cucumber from the garden. Haha. I was such a creep.

In fact, if you have a minute of boredom - feel free to peruse my old blog when I was twelve. For any of my younger readers, you'll have such a boost of confidence when you realize that you're not as weird as I was back then!

Okay, so let's backtrack to pumpkin spice lattes. They are so good and so dang expensive, so I've been making my own using this fabulous recipe. I half the recipe, add a little Italian cream and make my own pumpkin pie spice since I don't have any on hand. And since I like a little extra froth, I throw everything in my ninja and blend the heck out of it.
So. so. so. so. so. so. good.
I had a pumpkin latte instead of lunch.
Which is bad.
But, necessary since I skipped my morning cup of joe and had to go straight to work.
(I promise I'll eat lunch as soon as the monster wakes up.)

It's seriously three months until 2018, and my chubby gumdrop is going to be a year soon. Aidan lent me his huge workout headphones so I could listen to music while doing the dishes. The first song that came on was Taylor Swift's, "Never Grow Up" and I almost completely lost it (Aidan forced me to finish the song because he thinks it's cute whenever I get all teary eyed.) But for all my soft hearted-ness, I finished the dishes and found Aidan upstairs next to Ella's crib...just sitting there watching her sleep. He probably shed a tear or two as well, the little sentimental dork. ;)
(okay, okay, but husbands are super attractive when they're watching babies sleep or changing diapers. just sayin'.)

By the way, Everyday Memoirs is officially on Facebook and Instagram. Woot, woot! Please share the love or send a like my way, because ♥ = happiness. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this webpage to get a glimpse of my feed.

Oh, and let's not forget this little stinker. She says hi. Her newest trick is dancing and putting her hands up to Miley Cyrus's, "Party in the USA" which turns that somewhat sleezy song into plain adorableness. She's such a big toot now with the energy of at least two five-year-olds (and at 5:30 am.)

Friends who've had babies around Ella's age are getting preggers again. And just TBH, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that...for like twelve years. But, I've been watching Ella interact with younger babies at work, and sometimes I almost catch myself thinking, "awe, we should have another one."
Then she starts throwing a tantrum over something and I'm like:

Awhile back, an old man at Great Clips scolded me for not having more children. Which was awkward/weird/not okay. Plus, science, dude. It's not possible for me to have another baby just yet when my child is still only six months. So give me a break, por favor.
Ugh. I still don't understand why mother's are a magnet for stupid remarks. Like, are we just vunerable or do we look nice enough not to punch you in the face? I don't know. I honestly don't know. I fear this will be one of those great mysteries of life. :P

So, my peeps. How was your summer? What are you looking forward to most in fall? Let me know if you tried the homemade pumpkin latte/what tricks you used to make it better, because I'm all ears...and taste buds. ^-^

Also, I'm looking for suggestions for blogs that you follow. I recently cleared out my feed because my favorite bloggers either stopped blogging, or just moved on to posts that I wasn't too interested in. What are your favorite blogs? 



  1. I'm so happy that you've started blogging again!!! I love reading your stuff. And your facebook and instagram are amazing, btw.

    Also, I'm super excited for fall (!!!) and we should do something soon before school gets super crazy! I mean, not that it's not crazy already...but yeah. Save me. :P

    Anyway, rock on -


    1. @ Emma - OKAAAAY!!! WELL GET OVER HERE. I do want to do a photoshoot of Ella for her first birthday (which is coming up. wut.) after I find the perfect little gingham dress for her. :P #momgoals Now that Aidan's car is fixed, I'll be over to Big Falls soon to annoy the heck out of you guys and let your mom take a nap or something. :P

  2. so basically I feel like a horrible stalker but jsyk I went all the way back in your blog to *coughcough* 2014. BUT PLZ DONT DO THAT TO ME LOL!!! But really, I've learned a lot from you. yeah..like okay I just turned 18 and am AMAZED at how brave you are. just saying.

    also, if you jump over to my blog again, I have a list of bloggers which I love. And, on my poetry blog too. (http://twilighttodawn.blogspot.com/)
    and www.shewriteshere.org

    1. @ Julia - YOU DIDN'T! I'm so sorry for the torture you must have endured. Lol. *I* don't even go back that far. Lol. :P

      Waaaaait, I can't find your blog (besides your poetry blog) and it's lost in my history. HAAALP! :( :( :( And thank you for the suggestion. I just peeked over at She Writes Here and now I'm hooked!

    2. haha IM SORRY I FEEL SO GUILTY BUT I JUST WAS SO LIKE "well what happens next?!" lol :P

      welllll I was coming back to give you the link, but then I remembered that you just commented on my newest post so CONGRATS you found it again lol!!! oh, isn't she fantastic? She has instagram too and yuss

  3. omg your old blog! memoriesss <3 So happy you started blogging more, I never really comment but I ready everything haha! Ella is getting so big! I need to come visit before she becomes a teenager hahaha

    1. @ Marieanne - Before she's a teenager. That made me laugh and cry all at the same time. Girl. Tho. Seriously. We need to get back together. I promise I'm less awkward now! :)
      But yeah. My old blog. Haha. But without it, we never would have met. I still can't believe that actually worked out! CRAZZZZY! I always am so proud to tell people about my Canadian friend that stayed at my house once.

  4. Hi Bethany!

    Thanks for the life update. :) I enjoy reading your posts, and keeping up with how your sweet and cute baby is. :D
    Yay for your blog now being on Instagram! Thanks for making it public so people like me can view the pictures. I don't have an Instagram account.

    I have a few favorite blogs...do you like fashion blogs or what do you like to read about?
    A fashion blog I love is rufflesandgrace.com. In fact, she's having a "shop my closet" sale if you want to check it out. Another blog is theenchantingrose.blogspot.com. She has a tea cup and mug exchange every year, and in fact the sign up for it is open now, if you like tea cups or mugs. :)
    And then there's my blog: creatingpreciousmoments.blogspot.com if you'd like to check it out. :) And I have an etsy shop too. ashleysyarnworks.etsy.com

    Well this comment is super long. If you don't care for the blogs I mentioned, that's alright. I have some more good ones I follow. I just gotta get the names. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. @ Ashely - Instagram. SO ANNOYING! I finally had to get an account so I could stalk my sister. ;P But it is kinda addicting after awhile...

      Thanks for the suggestions! I'm sorta all over the place with blogs I love. I'm not exactly "fashionable" but as far as pinterest and blogs go - I'm all for it! Haha. I'm checking them on as we speak (I have at least 500 tabs open at the moment!) Your Etsy shop is *darling*. I especially love your Mother's Day garland. SO CUTE!

    2. Haha. I know! My sister has Facebook and I can't see half the stuff she posts because I'm not on Facebook.

      Okay. Well. I hope you find some blogs you like. I have another one I enjoy reading. readytobeoffered.com . Thank you for checking out my shop...the garland is one of my favorite items too! :) Feel free to buy it! Do you have an etsy account? Even if you don't, you can still purchase it. I bet it would look adorable hanging in Ella's room. :)


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