How I became an advocate for murdering mice / life journal

Once upon a time, I was appalled by mouse traps.
That time has passed ever since the arrival of our very own (uninvited) mouse who ran over my toes last night.

I've taken to walking on furniture to avoid the floor and banging on the oven when I enter the kitchen so *I* scare him first. While this is great for my ongoing mission of convincing Aidan to let us adopt a cat, it's completely disgusting and I would love to find him dead in a mousetrap. soon.

In other news, ^^ dishes (Ella "mopped" the floor with her banana and was banished to her high chair.)

This little piggy is ten months old and standing on her own, now! Right now she is obsessed with my belly button and has taken to hiding her cheerios there. 0_o

She's also starting to mimic sounds (like the cars passing by!) and is pretty much in love with daddy...just as long as he doesn't pick her up. Their romance is complicated.

Her life motto right now is: it exists, therefore it goes in my mouth.
Although to be fair, she responds to "what's in your mouth" by dramatically spitting foreign objects out so I don't have to fish them out with my fingers. How very thoughtful.

^^ Climbing in things is rad, too.

I met R2D2 for the first time and couldn't stop squealing.
Ella remained skeptical.

This little dork turned 21 (this was his version of smiling.) He took off work for a week afterwards and I'm trying not to bum around now that he's working again. :/ His signature joke of the year:

"What does the early bird do when it's grandma dies?"
"It starts it's mourning routine."


He also knows how to count to three...or so he tells me in HIS SLEEP. 0_o

Speaking of dates, I took my first ever mirror selfie and curled my hair for the first time in a couple  years months. Haha. :) And that's a random gum wrapper on the counter, in case you're wondering.

I'm contemplating deleting this all, since it's completely random and uninteresting - but I'll keep it just in case you're bored.



  1. Glad you didn't delete this, candid everyday posts are my favorite! Just wanted to throw in there that you are one GOOD LOOKING family :)

  2. keep it and do more posts like it PLEASE *hugs*

    cheerio ;)

    1. Keep the mouse?!?! I told Aidan if I see it, I'm killing it with bare hands. :)


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