I Tried Macrame for the First Time

I was the kind of 12-year-old who would knit while listening to cassette tapes of Focus on the Family's dramatization of "Prince Caspian." I probably had my hair in a scrunchie with a headband. Yeah. It was baaad.

Despite all my nerdiness (frumpiness? idk?), I never stumbled across the art of macrame...probably because I wasn't on Pinterest and/or I never bothered to complete all my Keeper at Home badges. For those of you who don't know, that was our version of a glorified girl scouts that mostly involved games of Dead Donkey and that time I got trampled by a herd of goats.

I was bored one afternoon and decided I was going to make one of those hipster wall hangings out of yarn. Like this:


I'm also chronically lazy, so I decided just to make a little mini one for my wall since I was 99% positive it would turn out less than ideal. After adding string/crocheting/braiding/being completely disappointed, I whipped out my phone and decided that today was the day to look up macrame.
*Cue Prince Caspian's Horn*

(Ella is like a cat. Pull out my background board for photos, and suddenly she HAS to sit on it and grab all my supplies. Haha.)

I stumbled across THIS FABULOUS tutorial for beginners on how to macrame. I didn't have rope, so I just yarn doubled over...which became quite complicated, but it worked out in the end.

It's not perfect. It's nothing huge or amazing.
But I like it, and it makes me feel a little hipster and trendy.
(I'm really hoping Aidan doesn't see it, because he loves me...but is pretty merciless to projects like these. lol.)

Tada! My ever growing gallery wall. Naturally I forgot to hang it high enough so Ella doesn't pull it off every time she's on the couch. #MomFail

I plan on buying real rope in the near future and redoing this project. But it'll suffice for the moment.

I will say, one positive result from this experiment is that it prompted me to clean the entire downstairs and redecorate the kitchen. So, yay for that.

Moral of the post:
Go try macrame and use ROPE / or tell me all your skills if you already know this art!



  1. Ooh, that's pretty! It does look hipster/bohemian. I've done macrame before in a very small way a long time ago (very possibly when I did Keepers at Home also). That pic of Ella is the cutest! ♥

    1. @ Abby - writing this, I was wondering if everyone would be confused by my Keepers at Home reference. I'm thrilled!!! :)

  2. It looks so good! I'm gonna have to try to make one too.

    High five for Focus on the Family Narnia series. That was my child hood. Along with adventures in odyssey of course. I would wear scrunchies and cargo pants and star wars t shirts. Yeah I was the epitome of cool. #not lol gotta love being homeschooled!

    1. @ Jana - hey, Star Wars shirts are in. I just hope scrunched come back into style so I can look back at my pictures and not cringe. ;)

  3. How are you so crafty?! That's the cutest macrame project I've seen yet.

    Ugh...yeah. I think all homeschoolers had some kind of "frumpy homeschool look" at one point or other. Mine was denim jumpers and clunky tennis shoes...*dies*

    So glad I've seen the light...

    1. @ Anna - lol, I busted out laughing!! I don't ever remember you looking super frumpy tho. So. :)

  4. I was in a Keepers at Home group for a few years. My mom signed me up to teach knitting one month. It felt like the most people ever at a meeting and no one had needles or yarn and I was like eleven and freaking. out. It was kind of traumatic.

    Good times. :)

    1. @ Rebekah - that's tragically hilarious! Haha. If you would've joined *our* group down in Wichita Falls, TX, you would've had a blast. ;) I don't actually remember anything from that, tbh. Except for the one time we made soap (and I was so scared that I would die from the lye!)


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