I Tried to Find the Best Eyeliner Hack

For those of you who know me in real life, you know that:
I have no idea about what the heck I'm doing with makeup.

(that sentence made more sense in my brain. #grammar)
Naturally, I decided that my area of expertise (in this case: none) was just enough to write a detailed post featuring my bare face and (finally) washed hair.
Oh, and yes. That is my husband's shirt I'm wearing. #styling

If you're like me, you can borderline get by with makeup. But give me liquid eyeliner (or any eyeliner, for that matter) and I'm like a two-year-old with a sharpie marker. I can usually get one eye on absolute fleek (like, stunning, y'all) and then the next eye is authentic Picasso. It's always one and the other, hand-in-hand, like a bad relationship. 0_o

In my attempt to conquer adulthood, I consulted Pinterest to find the perfect eyeliner hacks that would forever solve my eyeliner dilemma. I mean...because they're for people who know nothing about makeup, right?

Now to put them to the ultimate test:

So, I had actually tried this hack before, but it totally didn't work. But the second time is the charm, right?

The idea is that you can tape. your. face. and use the tape as an outline to make a perfectly straight line with your eyeliner. Sounds easy, right?

Actually, I'm tempted to think that I should just be a trendsetter and go out like this. Because dang, I'm looking hot with this piece of sweaty tape falling off my face. (hey, if squiggly eyebrows are a thing - this can be a thing, too!)

Maybe my face is just oily, but this did not stick to my face at all. Also, it's painful too look at this picture and see the tape poking into my eyeball. Eeck.

Annnnd shazaam!

It actually worked a lot better than I thought it would. Filling the rest of the line in was easy-peasy, and the tape saved me from any smears and rogue liner. I'd give this a B+ for an eyeliner hack! Definitely safer than free-handing, for sure.

Overall rating: B+
Because we're not all artists with flawless lines

I think I first saw this on an Instagram ad. First of all, let me clarify: I AM NOT the weirdo that pays a mountain of money to buy these dinky little flossers. These are Aidan's, and have been sitting on our bathroom vanity for an eternity. I was so excited to finally put these to use (besides being an excellent baby toy, of course!)

Supposedly you line the floss and use it as a "stamp" to create an outline for your wing. I knew instantly that this was not going to work once I realized the ends of the flosser are much higher than the floss.

Yeah. -_-


Of course, I'll do anything in the name of science. And just as I hypothesized, it didn't work.
I had to stamp at least twelve times to finally get eyeliner on my face. The line is visible, along with the rest of the eyeliner that somehow managed to get elsewhere. You have to be a makeup extraordinaire to master this eyeliner hack (which makeup professionals don't need hacks, so why is this a thing, instagram!??!)

Overall score: C-
This is a hack for the sake of using those dinky flosser things. It's like clickbait, but worse.

My sister swears by this hack. She had a spoon in the bathroom for the longest time, too. I think I tried it once when I first was using eyeliner, but something didn't work out quite right...you know...?
It might've been the spoon, but that's all I'm saying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It *seems* like such a great idea, until you put the spoon in your hand.
I promise you. You have to be ambidextrous in order for this to work. Or you can be as talented as me.
Both impossible, of course. 

Well. I'm not sure about this one.

The spoon was trying (and cold!), but the overall effect wasn't too bad. Using the round part of the spoon helped shape it a bit. I would do this again, if I happened to remember to bring a spoon upstairs with me (which, realistically, would never happen.)

Overall Rating: B+
Because spoons have souls, too

All too soon, we've come to our last hack: the bobby pin. I feel like this one is relatively new to Pinterest. I have to admit, it took me a while just to find a bobby pin in my house. #alreadycomplicated

I was so excited that I finally found one, that I could barely wait to paint some eyeliner on the tip...

...and whoa.
^^that^^ happened. 
(that went from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat.)

Yo, did someone say cat eye - CUZ HERE I AM!!

Just no, Pinterest. No.
Not every single household object needs to be used as an eyeliner stencil.

Overall Rating: D
Not even a pass because of  the sorry state my eyelids had to become to compensate for a thick bobby pin wing. Also, I had to line around the stencil to cover up the weird roundness of it. Embarrassing.

In Summary
Hacks are cool. I'd say there are definitely some wins out there when it comes to eyeliner, with a bit of practice. My best bet was definitely the tape and the spoon - since I'm just looking for accuracy...not a full-out cat eye. TBH tho, if I could just learn how to do this free-hand, that would be great. -_-

As I always say, "When in a rush, forget the blush." In other words, I don't think I'll ever find a fool-proof hack that is Bethany approved for when I have one minute to run out the door. ;)

Let me know in the comments below if *you* have an eyeliner hack (or if you tried one of these!) 
What hack should I try next?
(since I obviously don't have a life.)



  1. I never thought eyeliner was that hard to apply, although this post was hilarious. I always draw a little line on the outside corner of my eye first, going slightly upward. Then i draw the main line, connecting it to the end of the small line, and filling in if needed.
    That was A LOT harder to explain than I thought, lol.

    1. @ Anon - in theory, it shouldn't be! My problem is getting them the same width and angle.
      And sometimes, I just fail altogether. haha. XD

  2. this is probably the best post I've read all month XD XD Loved it girl!! And this is actually the same eyeliner brand that I use. My sisters are always like JULIA HOW CAN YOU DO YOUR EYELINER which tbh idk. #life

    1. @ Julia - well, shucks...I'm flattered! Haha. And yay for cheap eyeliner. But seriously. I *know* it works, and if there's ever a good way to add trauma to my life, it's switching up makeup brands! ;P

  3. I like the eyeliners that are like markers, not the ones like tiny brushes, if that makes sense! The brush ones always get all over my face ;)

    I like the spoon idea! Definitely going to try that soon.

    1. I think I used a felt tip once upon a time...and I left the cap off.
      The end. ;)

      But yeah, I'm pretty talented at getting ANY eyeliner all over my face (and not my eyeline. -_-)

  4. This post cracked me up! I love your narration of the testings! ;) It was also #relatable. I'm SCARED of eyeliner! xD



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