Life Journal | kid shaming, guy laundry, and *more* mice

So true story, the wind almost took Ella away in the Walmart shopping cart while I was picking out cheap $2.50 pumpkins. Seemingly out of nowhere, this little kid screams from beyond the parking lot:

"LADY! You need to hold onto your shopping cart better!"

Mom shaming already, and at five-years-old! lol.
(I ran into him *again* in the fake flower aisle and he shrieked in disbelief, "MOM! There's that lady again, but she's inside this time!")

I felt a little sheepish that I splurged on some dinky pumpkins and a cheap fall wreath, but I'm so happy I did! We never use our front door but now it looks *super* inviting even though no one will ever walk through it. At least all the people driving by will think I have some sort of style (until they see the dead garden out front. eeck.)

Yo. This little dork and I have been working a lot this week. She is on a fantastic schedule because of my morning shifts and SHE SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT YOU GUYS.

It's so nice to finally sleep, instead of resisting the urge to punch Aidan smack dab in the middle of his peaceful, sleeping face after I rocked a fussy baby all night. ;)

P.S. More on that little tunic dress on the right. When a certain sister returns my sewing machine. *cough cough cough cough cough*

P.P.S. Can we just talk about HER ADORABLE CHEESY GRINS?!?!

I got to visit my mama last weekend, and it was so needed. I do love my own little house, but nothing beats home like having my mama with me! Sarah captured this fabulous picture of Aidan and I chilling sans baby (she wasn't sleeping through the night yet. hehe.)

Hey. When you gotta nap, you gotta nap.

In other news: Ella is getting into everything. She just discovered (today!!) that the china cabinet doors open up to a whole new world of shiny things. -_-

I debated whether or not to share this photo since (as Daniel would say) there is "unnecessary language" (read: female hygiene products) on the floor, BUT in the spirit of keeping this blog 100% real, I decided to let all you mamas-to-be know in advance that your bathroom will probably look like this, too.
They really do make wonderful baby distractions when you're trying to brush your teeth or shower in the morning.

Let's talk about GUYS:
I came back from work to tidy up the bedroom (Aidan worked third shift so he left in a hurry) and had a nice little *evil* chuckle over his clothes that he managed to throw one foot from the laundry basket. #talent It was about time I captured this atrocity on camera. ;)

Granted, I'm not one to talk since I will leave the folded laundry in the laundry basket for days instead of taking two minutes to put it all up. But hey. We all have our quirks.

This photo has nothing to do with the paragraph below. but whatever.
And finally: I caught another mouse. 
I've already set another trap by the stove (idk how they're coming up through there?!?) because I'm finally coming to the realization that this is gonna be a problem...probably all winter. 
(Yes, Dad. I went around the house TWICE trying to find where they were getting in.)

I *did* figure out that it's more tolerable to use a bucket as a "glove" and just scoop the body into a bag. #LifeHack #NowYouKnow

Oh dear. I really wish I was better at being cohesive and tying this all together.
But I'm not.



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