Life Journal / 10 / 9

I don't even know why I try with the bibs anymore. And that *white* onesie, too. Gotta love that Italian food!

Anyway, hello good people. 
I emerge from the realm of the dead after surviving a horrendous cold for the fifth time this month. #ChildcarePerks

Death of the Mouse: Yes, y'all. He's dead. Unfortunately, I noticed that the mouse trap in the basement was askew the other day, but it's in a dark corner so I didn't investigate. Oh, and by the "other day" I mean a freaking week ago. Well, today - A WEEK LATER - I'm down there again and notice the mousetrap in the same position. Upon closer analysis, I realized with glee that there was a mouse attached. My happiness turned to horror as I realized it had been sitting there for a week... 0_o

At any rate, you can bet your life that I am not disposing of that thing. *cough*
Aidan: if you're reading this, it's still down there.

Josephus the II: Ella tipped my baby succelent over *because* Aidan had put it (and the entire contents of the built-in shelf - shelves included!) on the floor to see if the wall behind it was hollow. According to Aidan, we had the a 50/50 chance of A) a $1,000,000 or B) a Dead Body.

Sadly, he was not able to remove the back of the shelf to find out. But the real tragedy was the fact that I was sick in bed at the moment, and he ever so thoughtfully put everything back on the shelf in the most unorganized way possible. And he put the shelves in on the wrong height, so that's messed up, too. *sigh*
But I forgive him because it did keep Ella entertained for a good fifteen minutes.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But back to Josephus: You might remember Josephus the I from a couple years ago (who met his untimely demise via the cat.) Speaking of cats, since we're now mouseless, I lost my best argument for actually getting a pet, so I figured we should revive our almost-dead baby succulent and name him Josephus and he'll be our pet.

Hey. I sang to ants when I was little, and they say the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree - so I'm sure Ella and Josephus will get along just fine (if he survives the baby years.)

Speaking of baby years, I finally went through all my baby photos and put them on one computer. Maybe this means that someday in the near future I'll start a scrapbook (lol, I'm just giving up on our wedding one for the moment.)

But what it does mean is TEARS. And lots of them. I'm putting together all the videos, too - and I could barely watch the newborn videos without crying my eyeballs out all over the desk.

This video was one of my favorite memories. We used to watch this over and over again because her cry was so pathetically cute (we were so excited to get a video of her trying out her new swing. She wasn't impressed!)

In other news, Happy Columbus Day. 
(just fyi.)



  1. "Aidan if you're reading this...It's still down there.." 😂😂

    Sounds like my life.

    We had a giant something under our house (We assumed it was one of those great big field rats. We are not unsanitary, I promise -- everybody around here has to keep poison or traps in garages and under houses...) The thing finally died and sent a lovely stench wafting up from under the floor.

    Ethan had to to dispose of it. There was no way I was crawling under there... I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THAT KIND OF STUFF.


    Guess I'll go back to my hot kitchen and make cinnamon rolls to dull the rememberence. (I'm pretending it's Fall.)

    1. @ Anna - I FINALLY succeeded (it took a couple tries to get over the maggots and such. ew. WHY AM I EVEN WRITING THIS?!?!) and now we're dead mouse free. yay.

      And nasty! My Grandmama had a cat die under her house, and she's like the most OCD cleaner I've ever met. The South is just brutal! But yeah. I don't even think *I* would rise to the occasion of crawling under houses to retrieve a dead rat. eeck.

      Haha. I guess I'll go back to my hot kitchen and make cinnamon rolls to dull the remembrance. <-- YOU ARE SO GREAT! lol!


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