Blog Glam / Freshen Up With These Freebies!

I'm talking about free stuff that will make your blog so happy, it will start blogging by itself. ♥ I decided to share some of my freebie finds of the month with y'all, so you too can have a happy blog waiting for ya!

1. Pish Posh Designs / 2. Design Bliss Feast / 3. Beautifully Chaotic / 4. Bass
Back when I started blogging, we had the choice of hideous templates like the Minima Template or pink birds flying off in the distance. But for those of us living in 2017, there are tons of beautiful (AND 100% free!) templates that are minimal, fresh, and simple!

If you're unsure how to install a template on Blogger, you can find some easy instructions over at wikihow.

p.s. To get the most out of your snazzy new template, it's best to delete all your sidebar/footer/header widgets before installing a design. You can *usually* customize colors + fonts on Bloggers template editor, as usual. ♥

1. Pish Posh Designs / 2. Designs By Miss Mandee / 3. Angie Makes
Once you've got the template of your dreams, go add some flair to your sidebar! I love to tinker around with CSS, but there's plenty of free graphics on the internet that you can customize on any photo editor (my favorite free editors are Gimp and Fotor.)

You can find more of my inspiration + saved freebies over on my Pinterest board!

Other Fun Freebies:
Kevin & Amanda Fonts
DLolley's Help

Happy Blogging!


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