Ella's Re-purposed Play Clothes

My sweet little muffin has plum run out of clothes (again!) 
I keep up with laundry at a moderate pace, but this girl goes through clothes at double time thanks to poopy diapers, playing in the toilet, and macaroni for lunch.

I've been going through my closet (as you'll recall from this post) but instead of giving away old clothes I didn't want, I set them aside to re-purpose into baby clothes. It's been a fun way to pass the time in the evening while I wait for Aidan to come home and it's a thrifty way to expand Ella's *ever shrinking* wardrobe!

My first project was a little baby tunic (that barely fits her chubby belly, haha!) from a old shirt of mine that had a plunging neckline (why?) This was my first attempt at drafting a pattern from an existing dress of hers, thanks to the inspiration from Craftiness is Not Optional (Jess is the queen of cute baby clothes!)

The leggings are from this free pattern I found online. I used some old jean legs that had a slight bit of stretch in the fabric. They're a bit wonky looking because of the weird fade pattern, but they make great play clothes that I don't mind her getting dirty. Win. :)

(Also, that pattern is uh-mazing. I've made two leggings in about an hour! GO CHECK IT OUT. ♥)


My super cool sister-in-law has a BLOG I can finally link to!
Please go stalk her, as she is totally awesome.


  1. omw you made them?!?! bro so much cuteness!!

    and you know me. I'll stalk xD

  2. Those are super adorable! Great job. That smile in the first picture is the cutest ever. ♥

  3. AGGHHH, you're so talented!!! My skills with a sewing machine are non-existent. Please teach me your ways. ;)

    ♥ Emma Joy

    1. Says the girl who makes costumes for a costume dance the night before. :P

  4. Miss your blogging <3 Hope you're OK.

  5. First the baby is so adorable..Its such a talent, making custom made clothes for your baby.

  6. That's a talent dear and your baby is so adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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