Once Upon a Baby Shower!

Hello friends! It's been a bit since I updated y'all on my newest shenanigans due in part to procrastination. In other words, madre and I have been busy planning a baby shower (over the phone!) in the span of three days.

Baby Steger is going to be the cutest little nerd on the planet thanks to his well-read parents (if you don't believe me, just hop on over to Bailey's blog where she writes with such eloquence that you'd never guess we were related. #grammar) Obviously, we had to jump-start this kid's brilliance and throw a storybook shower with all his (soon-to-be) favorite stories.

The decor was pretty simple. I found a bunch of vintage children's books at a thrift store for a quarter each and Dollar Tree was my go-to for baker's twine and pom-poms. I STILL have my bunting up because I can't get over how cute it looks!

I used the backs of Little Golden Books for signs, and Pinterest supplied some super cute free printables (find theme HERE and HERE)

My mom came up with the kisses in the jar to go with the book, "Guess How Much I Love You." Super cute!

The food was so much fun! The menu included:

Mr. McGregor's Garden (veggie tray)
The Very Hungry Caterpillars (grapes on a stick)
Sal's Blueberry Muffins
Go Dog, Go! (pigs in a blanket)
Green Eggs and Ham Quiche (I used this recipe here)
Red Fish, Blue Fish, Goldfish
The Carrot Seed Baby Carrots
Hippo Lemonade Punch

For games we played the classic "Guess the Storybook" with a fun emoji twist, and everyone tried to guess how big Bailey's baby belly was! We also challenged each guest to create a baby out of playdoh, and Bailey picked her favorites. It was tougher than it looks!

We all had a good laugh over the playdoh babies!

Speaking of babies, here's these two cuties and the baby hiding under the scarf. ;)

Oh, and shout-out to my diaper cake attempt. Three hours of trial and error (stuffing the inside with plastic bags did the trick. yay.)

It was an absolute delight to have my house crammed full of people. Ella was over the moon about the goldfish (and kept stealing them from one of the guest's little kiddos...)

We can't wait to meet little baby cakes!!!


  1. this is just the cutest. I'm so happy for Bailey (yes I stalked her blog too xD XD )

    1. @ Julia - stalking is expected if a link is shared. haha. ;)

  2. This is the cutest baby shower ever! I love all the decorations and just everything. You guys are so creative. Congratulations to Bailey and her husband!

    1. @ Abby - thank you! I thought it was pretty dang cute myself. The best part was the small guest list, which made it easier for everyone to interact together un-awkwardly. ;)

  3. HOW CUTE!! You did an awesome job, and Bailey looks like a radiant soon-to-be Mommy❤️

    I always love company, too. Makes "home" more "homey". :)

    1. @ Anna - DOESN'T SHE!? Every time I see her, that little baby is just popping, too. I wish I looked that cute when I was pregger.

      I actually thought of you as I was preparing for the shower (and the weekend before when we had Aidan's side of the fam over.) I was like, "if Anna can do this, I CAN TOO!!" So, thanks for the inspiration. :)

  4. You should give the bunting to Bailey for her nursery.


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