Ella Got Run Over by a Christmas Tree ♥

I'm sacrificing a short window of time during this pre-Christmas countdown to finally update the little old blog. I'll blame it on my bro-in-law who is currently sleeping where the family desktop is kept (but the real reason is Bucilla Stockings, the flu, and boring stuff. Like dishes.)

Forgive my rambles as I squish some of my December into a haphazard post about everything.

My favorite part of Christmas growing up was having a huge sleepover with my siblings on Christmas Eve, and then rushing down the stairs (quietly!) at precisely 6:00am to open our stockings. Great-Grandmothers and Grandmothers kept up with gifting each of us kids a personalized stocking, which never ceased to amaze us each year when we pulled them out of the Christmas box.
Since I was a self-righteous little prick, I always said that my stocking was the best because it featured the nativity. *sigh*

I was determined to keep up the tradition by making Ella a stocking, which somehow ended up being a last minute thing on my December to-do list. I'm currently scrambling to finish with seven days left and I never want to see another strand of embroidery thread for a long time.
But in ten years, maybe I'll come around to making Aidan one, too.
(and my little baby nephew who is *still* cooking in mama's tummy.)

For all my procrastination, however, I *did* manage to create our Christmas newsletter before Thanksgiving (idk how that happened.) The only minor detail I've missed is actually mailing them out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We don't have much Christmas decor up, but I found some cute printables and inspiration that took about ten minutes of my time. Ella has knocked the Christmas tree over twice, and now takes on the hostess duty of letting every guest know that the Christmas tree is for "NO TOUCH" only. ^.^

Lots of snow. No time to shovel. And Ella hates it.

By the way, can I just shout-out to all the other mom's out there who spend most of their life getting children's coats on and off? We deserve some coffee.
(and day care workers with that dumb mandatory rule of 25 minutes outside in below freezing weather.)


There's a lot of other jumble trying to steal the joy of the season, and I'm trying my best to be okay celebrating it without Aidan (he works. boo.) But I'm excited to let Ella in on all the mystery and wonder of this season...
...even if it means her knocking the Christmas tree over for the third time.


  1. Merry Christmas! Your cards and decor look lovely. I always loved opening stockings too. Christmas is a little less exciting than it used to be, but I still love the season. ♥

  2. Merry Christmas!!
    the stocking you made for Ella is super cute! And I hear you I don't think I'll touch any embroidery thread till next Christmas:P

  3. Ella doesn't like snow?? And I like your stocking by the way:)


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