Get Your Stuff Together This Year

Ironically, I'm writing this on the tenth of January since I *clearly* have all my stuff together for the new year. *facepalm*

But let's talk bullet journals, guys!

Er, actually. I don't have one. Being a perfectionist, I gave up after my first attempt at a title page since I particularly can't stand my handwriting.

In lieu of my pathetic artwork, I found the cutest AND FREE printable planner available at The Handmade Home. Seriously, check it out. It's adorable (and did I mention: free?)

But even the bargain of a free planner was too much since we were almost out of printer ink (and I hate buying printer ink. #depressing) So I customized my own little planner out of a few of my favorite printables I found online and it hopefully cut my ink usage in two. Plus, I was able to keep the pages I actually might use.

In case you didn't notice, I'm trying to organize my life. I'm trying to own up to adulthood by being an adult. (adulting is so dumb, you guys.)

My madre gave me this grocery list pad for Christmas, and it makes me so happy to grocery shop now (even though I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING WITH A VEHEMENT PASSION.) I cook from random recipes I find on Pinterest, but I often forget all the good ones (shout-out to really yummy spaghetti squash and meatballs!) In an attempt to have a list of yummy go-to meals written down, I downloaded and printed THIS PRINTABLE from The Cottage Market.

(p.s. I highlight my Aldi purchases which are separate from my Walmart haul because I'm *that* OCD and frugal.)
(p.p.s. Naked = Naked Smoothie. Just to clarify. *hehe*)

I love to keep a good to-do list. I'm not really good at *accomplishing* my list - but I try (that counts, right?) For example, I still need to book a super overdue dental appointment that I keep adding to my list every single month... *sigh* Pink Bows and Twinkle Toes has this 2018 to-do list (and a bunch of others!) that I customized for the months of January and February. Hear me roar, 2018. 

Speaking of to-do lists, every mom needs a good cleaning schedule! I made one that I'll probably never use...but it's cute! You can download yours at Printable Crush.

One of my New Year goals is to figure out some sort of Bible reading pattern...since it's really hard to find a time with *cough* children. Lemon Thistle has this handlettered freebie for anyone working on a monthly goal and they even left a little space for a reward (coffee, duh.)

1 / Indie Fix 2 / Amy J Delightful 3 / Savor & Savvy 4 / Fit Life Creative
Here's some of my other favorites that I printed for my custom planner of the month. I'm still taking book ideas, so if you have any must reads - let me know in the comments below!

1 / Fit Life Creative 2 / Pop Sugar  3 / Printable Crush 4 / Fit Life Creative
I keep my dismantled planner on my desk (which is currently an ironing board...more on that later.) I am in complete awe over how organized I am. Now, if I'll actually use it, I'll be even more proud!

What are your 2018 goals? 
Do you keep a bullet journal? What are your favorite pages?
P.S. Book suggestions, por favor!
P.P.S. I'm a busy mama. I stink at blogging. :)


  1. Oo, I love this! I use a modified bullet journal -- that is, I keep a regular planner and use their icons + another notebook for random ideas and to do lists and stuff. I love it.

    Another idea I've been tinkering with is having a giant to-do list separate from daily to-do lists so I'm not overwhelmed.

    I need to use that daily chore planner. My kitchen counters regularly get neglected. :P

  2. "*cough* children." ??!?!?!??

    and you do not stink at blogging. I loved this post + I am always excited to see a new one published. NO JOKE <3

  3. Those are some really cute printables and ideas! Makes me want to set some goals for my life. How do you plan to organize all your papers? A binder or notebook of some type?

  4. I do keep a sort of bullet/planner journal! I am obsessed with planning and organizing my life! And your not a bad blogger! Even if you don’t post super often when you do post it’s alway awesome!

  5. Nice post! I like all the planning stuff!

    And hey I'd love for you check out my blog:


    (That is if you want to see some cute bunnies:)).


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