Ella's Monster Play Dress

Every once in a while, I finally finish a project that has been sitting on my Pinterest sewing board for years (this one I pinned before I even had children. Eeck.)

Joann is only a hop and a skip away from our house which is AWFUL if you have a handy 40% off coupon all the time (my poor wallet.) The options of cute fabric and potential projects are endless!

I was looking for a day project, so Ella helped pick out the perfect pattern mix of vintage flowers and cute monsters for a whopping $7. Can't beat that!

I used THIS simple tunic pattern @ Made by Tonya. The pattern is 100% free and can be a dress or a tunic, depending on your preference. I'm a sucker for cute vintage dresses, but I think I'll try to make the tunic style once she's older.

I had the *worst* time figuring out my sewing machine's automatic button holes. Only after reading through the manual five times and consulting a cup of coffee, I finally prevailed!

Ella's not very picky about what she wears, but she loves her "monster" dress!


Pattern by Made by Tonya
Fabric from Joann (not available online)
Buttons from Walmart LePetite
Creds to the cute model. ♥


  1. Cute dress! Cute kid! Too much cuteness! And you’re not alone with buttonhole making—every time I have to install buttonholes or zippers, it’s like it’s the first time I’ve ever done it because I have to reteach myself EVERY time.

    1. now I know where I inherited my sewing frustrations. Haha

    2. And that's exactly what I was gonna say! Buttons and zippers...both scary! But you did such a good job, and by the next one you'll be a pro! :) And of course, Ella certainly is the cutest model ever!

  2. Man. I could really use one of those automatic button hole thingys...

    Super cute, as usual! Seriously: your blog is as exciting as Pinterest to me - always inspiring me to get creative. Keep it up, girly!

  3. I don’t know. Even after I figured it out, it still was too small for the buttons so I had to go up a size (BUT NOT TOO much because then it was too BIG.) for all the time I spent seam ripping, I probably could have done it by hand much quicker!! Agh!


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