Pretend Play: Doctor Kit

For a while, all of Ella's toys were tucked away in a *super cute* toy bin. Out of sight...and out of reach? It worked great when she was little, but now that she's a busy toddler with a huge imagination, I realized I needed to revamp the toy situation.

I've recently put together a few boxes of pretend play / activities that I keep within Ella's reach. I've noticed that throughout the day, not only is she much more independent and interested in playing (rather than watching Ready, Steady, Wiggle!) but she also plays for hours.

When I was younger, my mom set aside some of her old scrubs and stethoscope for us to play with. We loved it! I knew Ella would have just as much fun as we did, especially since we've made a couple of doctor visits recently. Here's a peek at what I put together for her!

In Ella's kit we have:
  • > A thrifted "doctor" bag ($1)
  • > THIS medical set from Walmart ($5 in store)
  • > Recycled pill containers, droppers, and plastic syringes
  • > Homemade felt band-aids (see below!)
A grand whopping total of $6 - which is a great investment when I need 30 minutes of free time to make supper. ;)

For the band-aids, I made a template for my felt (which I included at the bottom of the post) and used materials I had around the house. I didn't take very many pictures, but the construction of these dudes is pretty simple: 

(1) Decorate each side
(2) Attach the velcro (refer to pictures - each side will have one piece)
(3) Sew them together!

We painted an old black pepper tin as our container. It could probably use some mod-podge to set the stickers and paint. 

Perfect for baby doll patients...

...or "real" patients. ;)

Pay no mind to the nail situation going on here. Ella loves to have manicures and pedis, and this time she got to pick out the colors. ^_^

The "pills" are really dried beans that she can shake around. 

This is one of the few toys that we can all play together, and Ella thought it was hilarious every time Aidan gave her an ouchy shot with the syringe. I'm pretty bad at "playing" with kids, but pretend play makes it a no-brainer to come up with situations or extra materials to pull in (like gauze, a white button down for a doctor jacket, a clipboard for notes, etc.)

This was so easy and fun to put together, so hopefully this give you a few ideas to include in your doctor kit for your little kiddo!

Click the link below for the free band-aid templates should you choose to make your own.



  1. Cute design revamp, love it!

    Well executed project, as always! I thought it was so cute that Ella is wearing the “cast shirt” from the play you and Aidan met in. Sweetness ❤️

    1. Thanks! The grays were starting to get to me. ;)

      She loves wearing oversized tees! Since it has so much history, I allow such toddler fashion in my house. Haha


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