Dollar Tree Toddler Closet Organization

I'm just gonna be real with you - THIS PROJECT TOOK ME DAYS. The unseen and undocumented part of the process was going through all of Ella's old baby clothes, washing them all, and sorting them in bins. The house was a baby clothes disaster, Aidan was confused, and my OCD was raging from procrastination. Ugh.

The way Ella's closet is laid out isn't specifically grand for baby clothes. The lengths of the shelf are awkward and the shelves themselves aren't very deep for storage. Perks of living in an apartment. As you can see by the before picture, everything was haphazardly sitting in old diaper boxes which were atrociously unlabeled.

But I prevailed - thanks to Dollar Tree bins, a couple zip-ties, and coffee.

Having her clothes organized in a closet - as opposed to the old dresser I had been using - makes it so much easier to find what I want in the mornings before we rush off to work! I found all of my bins at Dollar Tree, except for the school crates - which I found at Walmart ($1!)

Zip-ties came in handy for the plastic baskets I hung from the shelf. Am I the only one that finds tying zip-ties extremely satisfying? And it WORKS, TOO!

Finally found a spot for this random kitty/unicorn banner from Target. Ella was really into cats at the time, and I thought it was cute (bonus points for it randomly matching the totes!)

The basket labels weren't very precise since I was getting annoyed by the whole endeavor. But they work just fine - and they're out of reach from those little hands who would LOVE to rip them off.

My genius little baby hack: making a cubby out of storage cubes. The star of this project is (once again!): zip-ties!

This had initially been a part of my "organize our entire apartment" project - which sadly lasted for two rooms before I died of boredom/annoyance. BUT despite the torture I laid upon myself, the closet has remained pretty organized and it somehow motivates me to put up the freshly folded laundry, too! So, it's a win, I guess.

Now to organize *my* closet. Hah.



  1. A cute and organized closet is so satisfying! E's closet is currently not cute but organized. Those zip ties really did work, and you can't even see them! Good job, mama!

    1. Yay! We’ll see how lon. It stays that way.... *sigh*

  2. I HEART THA SPARKALIEEESS! Ihave to revamp Haven and Hope’s closet every couple of months. I like the zip tie idea...might need to implement that one!

    1. YES! Sometime Dollar Tree *WINS* with cuteness.


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