Sprucing Up an Entryway

Ah, here it is. A picture of dismal and unintional minimalism - the first part of our apartment that greets us everyday.
(note the recycling that pretty much adorns the corner for five days until one of us finally remembers to take it out.)

This was the first room that I focused on for my short-lived organization zeal of two days. It was actually very satisfying to focus on something so small, clean the heck out of it, and plan a way to make it *pop*.

By plan, I (of course!) mean consult Pinterest.

My vision was a lot of black/chalkboard to keep the clean feeling of the entryway. We normally throw all our mail on the counter, so a mail holder was not optional - and I really wanted to put up a calendar than Aidan and I could both see (as opposed to the piece of paper on my fridge that I write dates on.)

What I used:
  • > Thrifted chalkboard ($.50)
  • > New with tags thrifted bulletin board  ($2) {Similar HERE}
  • THIS Chalkboard Calendar ($10)
  • THIS Fruit Basket ($6)
  • > An old sign I didn't care for
The finished result! It's still pretty simple, but just enough to look at and provide function to a blank space. 
(And if you're wondering, that rug is from Target...probably one of my favorite buys, EVER.)

I made good use of this small wall as a little command center for my calendar, bulletin board, and mail holder. The mail holder has turned into a catch-all, and we *still* throw our mail on the counter...but we tried, right?

I added some contact paper and hooks to the old chalkboard - and for the first time in the history of our family, WE FINALLY HAVE A PLACE FOR KEYS! 

My favorite part of this project is this sign! I used the same technique that I used for my thrift store painting makeover (see the post HERE.) Such a super easy DIY and it turned out great. Yay! 
(While we're talking about that previous thrift-store painting, I might as well mention that Ella knocked it off the staircase and it met it's untimely demise. *sigh*)

I'll probably add some more finishing touches whenever I feel like looking at this space more intently...again. In the meantime, I'll gladly take an afternoon nap over organizing our entire apartment.



  1. Great share! Your doorway now is clean. I like how you arrange it and make it looks neat.

  2. Awe!!! It’s such a cute entry way! I especially love your “The Duries” sign above your door way! ;)

    1. Thanks! I love the sign, too...except it keeps getting crooked every time someone slams the door. ^-^


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