Then There Were *FOUR*!

Almost three months ago, Aidan, Ella and I piled on our bed and waited impatiently for my pregnancy test to fill out. I already knew there would be two pinks lines, but it was still exciting when it showed up IRL (Ella instantly threw a tantrum afterwards, so our celebration was short-lived. haha)

Being pregnant the second-time around is different. I thought I was tired the first time? TRY DOING IT WITH A TODDLER. Mercifully, Ella still naps and I spend most of the week working + napping + throwing together food somehow. Morning sickness hasn't been *as* bad as the first time around - but it's still a thing...unfortunately.

It's a little frightening to consider just how I'll survive after the baby is born, since I know that's even *MORE* exhausting. ^-^

Ella couldn't be more excited (or confused!) about the whole baby thing. She's convinced that she is *also* pregnant - with a puppy. She loves to listen to the baby's heartbeat with her play stethoscope, and we made sure she came along with us to the ultrasound to see the baby!

She's not the best with children in childcare, so we'll see how she reacts to a bonafide newborn when the time comes!

I'm so excited to welcome this babe into our crazy little family. It's gonna be a puzzle figuring out how to add a newborn in our apartment and how the heck I'll ever carry in groceries up a flight of stairs by myself again - but we're ready for it!

Monday marks 16 weeks...getting closer to the halfway point - yay! We're looking at a very probable Februrary baby in 2019. :)



  1. ALL THE HEARTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! And baby carriers are amazing when you're trying to juggle two. It takes a bit of figuring it out, but you'll do great!

    1. I have an ergo! We live in an upper apartment with our car being parked quite a distance away...so I’ll somehow figure out how to make it work in the middle of winter! Lol!!

  3. Now I see it!! <3 <3 <3 I am so very happy for you four! What a joyful blessing!

  4. BETHANYYYYYY❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I’m so extremely excited for you!!


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