Hand-stamped Crib Skirt

If there's one conundrum in life that needs to be explained, it's this: why are crib sheets and crib skirts so dang expensive?

Seriously. I can buy a queen size sheet set for half the price of one crib sheet. I've always opted for making my own or thrifting for nursery essentials, because their inflated $$ is ridiculous!

I hit the jackpot with *two* gently used jersey sheets (Burts Bees!) at the local Salvation Army Store. As I've slowly been putting together the nursery, I realized I couldn't go another baby without a crib sheet, since I store all the outgrown clothes under the crib. ^-^

Oh, and by the way - we're expecting a little BOY! Now I'm challenged to incorporate some manliness that won't clash with Ella's pink + yellow pastels (I've opted for gray and turquoise!)

If you recall Ella's washi tape wall, I wanted to incorporate the nursery side of the room by using the same pattern on the crib skirt. Using an old queen size sheet, I cut out long strips for my crib sheet and hand stamped them using a potato (for real!)

Definitely not the cleanest stamp, but it left a very organic plus sign, which I think softens the look a bit.

I didn't use a pattern for my crib sheet, I just measured the mattress and doubled the width/length for the gathered portion of the skirt. I only sewed three sides since I can't think of a time I'd ever have the back of the crib exposed!

Supplies Used:
> Old Queen Sheet ($0)
> Old Queen Bed Skirt for extra fabric ($0)
> Potato Stamp
> Black Acrylic Pant

I like that total price! ;)

My next project is to create slip covers for some of the pink baby items I own - including the car seat. Eeck!



  1. everything you do is the cutest!!!!

  2. A BOY?!?!?!! I’m so happy for you guys! I bet Aidan’s on cloud nine.

    This turned out so cute - (Seriously. A potato? Who would have thought.)

    1. Oh yeah! He’s pretty excited. I’m not too excited about the fact that he thinks he’s picking out the name. :P

      YES! A potato!!! I used the other half in a soup later that night. Lol


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