Ella's Giant Spider Costume

For a while, Ella has had a morbid fascination of spiders. It all started when she saw the first short from Figaro Pho about arachnophobia. She's still terrified of spiders, but loves them at the same time...I guess?

We went through some pictures on Pinterest together and she helped pick out her Halloween costume for the year. I wanted to go with something cute like Raggedy Ann, but she instantly was drawn to (surprise!) a spider costume she saw. Since I don't believe in buying things that I can make, we scoured the Walmart clearance rack for some fuzzy black fabric and got straight to it!

> 2ish yards of fuzzy utility fabric
> Fishing Line
> THIS free vest pattern
> An old sheet for lining
> Hair elastics
> Ribbon
> Googley Eyes

I got my inspiration from another spider costume created @ The Inspired Wren. Since Ella is two and doesn't care about reality (haha), I simplified the idea by going with a vest that would home all her spider legs, yet still be roomy enough to wear warm layers underneath. I found the perfect (free!) vest pattern @ Crazy About Coral that fits 2t-3t (I made the bigger size just to be safe!)

The legs are fabric rectangles that I rolled hotdog style and secured with fishing line. I kept the rectangles the length of Ella's arm plus a width of about 8-10" (depends on hot thick your fabric is!) Fishing line tied at the end and middle create the illusion of joints and eliminated any need for sewing! Yay!

The trickiest part was attaching fishing line between the "joints" so they would all move when she moved her arms. It took some trial and error, but we eventually got there! Hair elastics fit perfectly on her wrist and are attached to the fishing line on the first set of legs.

We had a mishap hot gluing on the eyes to the front of the vest (always something!) and then I went a little crazy with the glue-gun and made a mini spider headband to tie it all together.

She's currently obsessed with Monster's Inc right now, so this costume is perfect!
(She's also obsessed with lollipops, which I used to bribe her into taking photos!)

What a cute little spider!

Altogether, this costume was about $10 since I found the fabric for less than $3 a yard at Walmart (I bought extra just to be sure I had enough!) I found the googley eyes in the Joann clearance a few weeks before Halloween.

I made this *before* I went to thrift stores and saw how cheap and easy their thrifted costumes are. So next year, I'm done spending three days brainstorming spider legs and I'll gladly pay $3 for a cheap pumpkin costume or something. But in the end, the costume was easy enough and turned out just like I envisioned. I'm happy and she's happy, so that's all that matters!


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