Last Minute Preschool Halloween Ideas

For the past 6 weeks, I've been teaching a weekly mommy and me class, followed by a preschool gym class for ages 3-5. Besides almost peeing my pants during jumping jacks and suffering from mega procrastination and creativity block - I got my exercise of the week in and had fun meeting new little friends and mama friends. Aidan will attest to how wiped out I was after each of these classes! Haha

We ended the session with a grand harvest/Halloween theme. All the kids had the option of dressing up, and I made sure to provide a ample supply of stickers and dum dums. The best part is that I recycled most of these projects to do with Ella at home.

Credit @ Pint Sized Treasures
Pumpkin Twister: This served to be a hit with my older preschool kids (with the younger kids, we skipped the difference between left and right and just focused on finding the colors with hands or feet!) For my actual gym class, I ran out of time and just used regular old twister for a mat instead of cutting out a million pumpkins. Download free instructions and printables HERE.

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Candy Corn Bunting: Ella helped me watercolor paper plates, and we hung them up in the kitchen above the infamous pumpkin full of dum dums (which she keeps STEALING!) Find instructions HERE.

Credit @ Fun Squared
Halloween Scavenger Hunt: This free scavenger hunt was perfect for littles who can't read. For the toddlers, I spread the pictures out on the floor and had the parents help their kiddos find the matching image. The older kids helped look as a group for the pictures that I taped all over the gym. I love these printables because they're cute and not too scary. Find the free printable HERE. 

Other games (not pictured):

Ghost Boo-wling: I set up some tin cans on a stool and had the kids try to knock them over with a ball (I painted mine white and added some ghost faces!)

Spider Obstacle Course: I set up jump ropes for the kids to follow which led to the "spider web" made from crepe paper that I had taped to the wall and floor. The kids had the option of climbing or crawling underneath the streamers. It ended with the "scary" spider den (a table with a sheet on top and a night light underneath.) They all had to crawl through as fast as they could before the spiders got them. 

Squash Ring Toss: in lieu of pumpkins, I used my handy dandy spaghetti squash and a handful of hula hoops. 

Pumpkin Relay: I had the preschoolers start with a bucket of orange balls ("pumpkins") and weave in and out of cones in order to place the pumpkins in the empty bucket at the end. They loved this!

We also supplemented different songs during our classes. These are Ella's personal favorites that we like to listen to on boring afternoons:

My family wasn't too into Halloween, but I've decided I'd like to start my own little family traditions  by taking Ella trick or treating (more on her costume we made!) I think it's a rather ugly holiday, so it's been fun doing my own take on it...like my Princess Bride witchy quote I hand-lettered the other evening.


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  1. You are such a fun and creative preschool teacher and mommy! Those are such cute ideas you had. I’m especially glad you’re keeping the Greg and Steve songs going.


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