Modern Quilted Play Mat

Well, I learned the hard way that you should buy all neutral baby gear (let's be real: it's hard to resist all the pink!) But this way I've been burning through my fabric stash by creating slip covers for some of my girlier items (like our butterfly carseat!)

I'm a sucker for mini quilts which use those leftover fabric scraps, but *still* let me maintain some sanity (I hate cutting out teensy tiny pieces!) I found this star baby quilt tutorial which inspired me to make my own (even smaller) version for my play mat slip cover.

I mapped out my quilt pattern and made a rough estimate of how big my squares needed to be (I messed up and forgot to add seam allowance for the squares I split in half...)

Leftover canvas fabric
An old bed skirt
An old queen sheet (leftover from the crib sheet project!)

I spent a good hour taking apart the seams on the old mat. I discarded the top layer and replaced it with my quilt top. The bottom is still hot pink, but since you can't see it, no one will ever know, right? For the sake of time, I skipped any actual quilting.

No more pink! I also covered the play gym part of the mat by taking apart the seams and making new tabs and covers for the Styrofoam "legs." Easy peasy.

The binding is definitely my own made up technique of laziness. Ha! I had a complete scare when I ironed the original backing and it melted! I managed to hide it and clean off my iron - but not before I stunk up our entire house with burnt fabric. -_-
(my mom can attest that this is not the first time I've done this. haha!)

Shh! ;)
A little wonky, but super cute, baby neutral, and so much sturdier than the original cover!

Ella has gladly adopted this mat into her large family of blankets for her baby dolls while we wait for baby #2! (Week 24!)

And on a side note: you can also diy your very own similar play mat from some fabulous tutorials (like this one from Thoughts and Thimbles.) Ella was very much a tummy baby and I used this mat all the time when she was playing on the floor in the kitchen or some other hard surface.


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