My $6 Floor Pouf / Ottoman

I've actually always had a DIY floor pouf on my agenda, but I've never got around to one. I *accidentally* started this project when I found $3 upholstry suede in the Joann clearance section while I was fabric hunting for a carseat cover. The lady at the counter convinced me to buy the entire bolt with even more discount, so I walked away with 3 yards of fabric for a whopping $6. Super duper steal!

After making my carseat cover, I still had over two yards of this comfy suede left, so I decided to make all my DIY dreams come true and finally whip up a floor pouf!

(I have to apologize for the wonky pictures. My model doesn't sit still very long! haha)

This pattern & tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens
2 yrds of fabric
A pile of old linens, ratty towels, clothes you were gonna donate to Goodwill, old baby blankets, etc.
Stuffing (I refurbished some old pillows and found half a bag of fiberfill at a thrift store for .40 cents)

Not only did this cost me literally nothing, but I was able to clean out and organize my linens and put them to good use.

This is actually one of the easiest projects for how intimidating it seems! The only tedious part was cutting out all the fabric and hand-stitching the top. I skipped the decorative embroidery since the fabric was hard to hand-stitch and because I literally don't care.

I easily whipped this up in an evening and spent another evening stuffing and hand-sewing the top. It's not stuffed entirely perfect, but I'm waiting for the stuffing to settle a bit after some use.

It's the perfect size for a foot rest or a toddler seat, and it fits perfectly next to the coffee table (full disclosure: Ella and I eat breakfast there. ^-^)

My only qualm is that I can't throw the cover in the washer, so hopefully we can spot wash it okay when an inevitable spill comes...

I also used this fabric to turn Ella's butterfly carseat into a more manly form of transportation. I took the cover apart and sewed the suede right on top. From some insane amount of luck - it all pulled together...three broken needles later. -_-


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    I'm so impressed with how they turned out. Love the fabric choice.


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