Pom Pom Baby Mobile

I am so excited to share this with you guys. I'm not always obsessed with the turn out of some of my projects, but this mobile is exactly what I needed to fill up the blank space in the nursery. 

I'd been crushing on THIS nursery mobile from The Lovely Drawer ever since I knew I was gonna have another baby. It took many reruns of toy story, and the patience to keep a project laid out in my room for over a month, but it's finally done!

I had just the right colors in my yarn stash to make pom poms for this project. They turned out a little organic and rough at the edges, but it matches with the potato printed crib skirt. Haha!

I didn't have felt on hand for the clouds, so I replaced the clouds with crocheted stars (this pattern here), a moon (based on this pattern), and clouds (this pattern.) It took a day or two for them to dry after I dipped them in elmer's glue and water for some stability.

The rain drops are from salt dough that I painted. We made Christmas ornaments with the leftovers and killed two birds with one stone!
I used the "fork" method for my pom poms. Super easy and stress free. Ella was particularly fascinated by this process and "helped" hold the fork.

I gave the gray pom poms a trim after this picture! Yikes. And it's also not this lopsided in real life. My camera angle is about as off balance as my real sense of gravity in real life.

My favorite thrift store supplied the perfect embroidery hoop to make the project come together. Honestly, the hardest part is hanging it up straight. My ceiling is angled, so my frustration was doubled!

Although this took a while to complete (*cough* procrastination) it was such a worthwhile project and I love it. This mobile is EVERYTHING. Double points if it actually distracts children.


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  1. This is really cute and adds some color and texture to your nursery decorations. I love how you made a way for Ella to help. I think little bambino will love staring up at it!


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