I may be a mama, but hey, I have no idea what I'm doing as I try to #adult and cook supper without a side of charcoal. Awkwardness and exhaustion are my BFF's, but I try to spice it up a bit by always making a mess whenever possible.

I actually married Gilbert Blythe (I'm not kidding) and since puppies were too much to handle, we decided to have a baby instead. Ella Kay is our joy and our death, and we love her to pieces! You'll see quite a bit of her, here.

I don't stay at home - I bring my child to work with me and together we watch other children. Naturally, this calls for cups on cups of coffee. Which is my bae for life (sorry, real-life-human Babe.)

Everyday Memoirs is my journal I started when I was fourteen y'all (oh. my. stars. it's been seven years. wut.) It has since morphed into an outlet for all my DIY disasters and life hacks. Here, I shamelessly post iPhone pictures and grace you with my uncomfortable grammar and insufferable writing skills.
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